Team CJ control arm fulcrum shafts

Beautifully machined in superior strength steel alloy and zinc plated for a stunning finish, Team CJ front control arm fulcrum shafts are available for all 6 cylinder E Types.

E Type front control arm fulcrum shafts are often over looked when upgrading, or merely restoring, front suspension components. In fact, they are prone to cracking and can be significantly weakened by the ravages of corrosion. These fulcrum shafts have to handle colossal loads during cornering - and the harder you corner, the greater the load.

Fabulous machine work Prodigiously strong

An absolute must for any racing or high performance use, a set of Team CJ fulcrum shafts is also a very sensible upgrade for the regular E Type driver with an otherwise stock suspension.

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Team CJ front/upper control arm fulcrum shafts
All 6 cyl E Types
TCJFSstd Pair $225