Team CJ Jaguar brake upgrades

For the last twenty years we have been installing brake upgrades to virtually every Jaguar that has passed through the CJ Workshop. From DoT approved braided brake lines to complete vented Wilwood conversions, we have developed and offer the ultimate in brake upgrades for your Jaguar.

For 6 cylinder E Types we offer two beautifully engineered kits:

Our solid rotor kit (TCJWIL1) is designed to be used in conjunction with your original Jaguar front rotors or with our own drilled and slotted version of the original OEM rotor (click here for more details). This kit includes a pair of billet front calipers, a set of Wilwood high performance brake pads, our proprietary adaptor brackets, braided flexible hydraulic feed lines, anodized fittings and all the Grade 8 hardware necessary to complete the simple installation.

Team CJ vented kit for all 6 cylinder E Types

Our superb vented kit (TCJWILVENT - shown above) is the ultimate brake upgrade for your S1 and S2 E Type. This all inclusive package features CNC machined hub adaptors and brackets, a pair of top quality, drilled, slotted and vented Wilwood 11 inch rotors, top of the line Wilwood Dynapro billet 4 piston calipers, a complete installation bolt kit, Wilwood brake pads, braided stainless steel feed lines and a pair of DoT approved braided front flexible lines.

We have Team CJ Wilwood kits available for all E Types, including the V12 models. See chart below for part numbers and pricing.

Part # Price Place Order
S1 & 1.5 E Type kit (61 thru 68)
S2 E Type kit (69 thru 71)
S3 E kit (71 thru 74)
S1 E Type vented conversion kit (61 thru 68)
S2 E Type vented conversion kit (69 thru 71)
CJSSlinef - SS front brake lines (pair)
(all E Types)
CJSSliner - SS rear brake line
(all E Types)