Dynamat XTREME

Use the same insulating material that we use in our Team CJ restorations! Dynamat XTREME is the best heat and sound insulation available anywhere. It is simple to install and is supplied in convenient packs containing 2 x (10" x 10") self adhesive squares. Each pack covers approximately 1.38 square feet.

Dynamat XTREME dramatically reduces noise, vibration, cabin temperature and stereo speaker distortion.

Calculate the surface area of the panels you are covering to establish how many packs you need using the table below. Note: It is not recommended that you install Dynamat on the roof of a FHC beneath headliner material.

Model Application Packs req'd
E Type roadster & FHC Front footwells and trans tunnel 18
E Type roadster & FHC Boot compartment 8
E Type roadster & FHC Rear bulkhead, floors and driveshaft tunnel 10
E Type roadster & FHC Inner door skins 2
E Type roadster Complete car kit 42
E Type FHC Complete car kit 50

Item description Part # Price Add to cart
Dynamat XTREME
1.38 sq ft pack
2 x 10" x 10" sheets
CJ10415 $20