The Team CJ Braided Bunch!

Team CJ braided stainless steel lines look great, perform flawlessly and will last forever. Whether you are seeking to improve brake pedal feel, clutch hydraulic action, stop annoying oil leaks or you simply want to dress up your engine bay, there is a braided Team CJ product perfect for you.

All Team CJ braided stainless products are guaranteed for life.

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Flexible clutch lines Flexible brake lines

Team CJ accessories Part # Qty Price Add to cart
Braided front brake line kit
(pair - all E Type)
TCJ001F 1 $90
Braided front and rear brake line kit
(all E Type)
TCJ001K 1 $135
Braided rear brake line
(all E Type)
TCJ003R 1 $45
Braided clutch line
(E Type and Mk 2)
TCJ002 1 $50