3.8 E Type wiring harness

Wiring Harness - 3.8 E Type

Part # Description Price Order
CJ119 Bonnet with horn wires $144.82
CJ112* Main harness without fan relay $510.96
CJ111 Main harness with fan relay $510.96
CJ116 Dash harness $289.63
CJ121 Right hand body harness $54.65
CJ122 Left hand body harness $98.36
CJ110* Cooling fan harness (no relay) $22.36
CJ109 Cooling fan harness (with relay) $24.60
CJBW52 Wiper motor harness $19.13
CJ139 Sub harness kit $65.58

*Note: Earlier 3.8 E Types (up to car number 878021) were fitted with a fan relay. For fan relay equipped cars use part # CJ111 instead of CJ112, and CJ109 instead of CJ110. The prices remain the same.

Harness Accessories

Part # Description Price Order
C2532 Bonnet connector terminal block $53.13
CJplug 8 pin plug assembly $300.00
CJstrap Jaguar harness strapping kit $46.20
CJGS38 Grommet kit (3.8) $46.20
CJ138 Optional heater rear window harness $65.27