1951 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
Accident damage repair


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Remove and repair both front wings and the front valance, strip to bare metal and repaint.

This relatively minor restoration work is (unusually) being covered in this section as the owner of the car is overseas and has requested that we keep him abreast of our progress via the webpage.


Sorry to have missed you when you collected your Rolls the other day! I am delighted with the way the repairs turned out and I hope you are too! I was particularly pleased that we managed to get the car ready for you the day you got back from England.

I trust you are enjoying your vacation over in England! The following photographs show the repaired and repainted wings going back on the car. We expect to have her finished bang on schedule ..... ready for you to collect as soon as you return home.
Starting to bolt the repaired wings back
where they belong
They will be sanded and buffed in situ
We couldn't leave the centre piece - it
looked horrible up next to the repainted wings!
Both wings now in place...
We also painted the fill panels between
the wings and the engine bay

With the front wings removed and stripped to bare metal (aluminium) we can see clear evidence of previous sub-standard repairs carried out using layers of fibreglass. Nasty!
Looks like a giant 32 rod with
the wings removed!
Someone has been here before....
Note fibreglass on outside of left front wing....
Marcos stripping the wings by hand
Inner wing panels


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