1966 Jaguar E Type 2+2 (WM)
Major mechanical upgrade for a client in Hong Kong
Restoration Log by Dan Mooney


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Major mechanical overhaul including a 4.7L Stage Two engine rebuild, triple Weber carbs, uprated suspension, cooling, ignition, brakes and the installation of a modern AC system.

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Opening report - November 17, 2017
I am pleased to report that we have recorded some of the biggest gains we have ever seen on the flow bench following Corey's cylinder head port work. This engine has the potential to be the most powerful Stage Two 4.7L build we have done to date.

Align honing the camshaft saddles
Trial fitting and measuring cam bearing clearances

Machining the exhaust manifold gasket mating
surface square

Machining the block for custom CJ top hat liners
Note the step at the top of the bore

Honing the new CJ valve guides
Magnaflux checking the block after machining the
cylinders for new liner installation

Machining counter bores for installation of new
custom CJ valve seats
Fantastic gains on the flow bench!

This engine was apparently rebuilt within the last few hundred miles, although during the tear down we noted several serious issues.

Engine as received

Tear down underway

Very coarse cylinder hone job
The shadowing tells us that a torque plate
was not used

Main bearing clearances are very loose
Rod bearing clearances are way too tight

This valve cover is damaged beyond economical
repair and will be replaced

Machining out original liners on the floating
boring bar

Magnaflux checking the block for cracks

Freshly rebuilt cylinder head
Cam saddles are warped .020" and will have to be
align honed

Valve stem to guide clearances are more than
3 times what they should be!
Beginning the head straightening process by
machining the cam saddles square

I am pleased to report that we have now have this exciting project underway!

First job is to remove the engine and transmission
Cooling system will be upgraded

Engine will be rebuilt to 4.7L Stage Two specs

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