1967 Jaguar 420 (WB)
Major mechanical overhaul, Suffolk & Turley interior
Restoration Log by Dan Mooney


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Major mechanical overhaul including a full engine rebuild and installation of modern AC and a complete Suffolk & Turley interior.

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Update report - August 4, 2017
I am pleased to report that we have now completed your engine rebuild.

Machined block washed down and ready for
final assembly

Valve covers and crankcase breather have been
repaired and machine polished
Installing the crankshaft

Pistons installed
Installing the timing chains

Cylinder head now fully assembled
Setting valve lash on the Stage One cams

New timing chain cover was required

Tappet guide hold down kit has been installed
on the exhaust side of the head
Polished valve covers add the finishing touch

The front suspension and brakes have now been completely rebuilt, restored and installed back beneath the car. The rear suspension and brakes have been serviced and the IRS will be reinstalled early next week. Your engine rebuild is progressing nicely in the CJ machine shop.

Main bearing housings after completion of
the align hone
Measuring main bearings in order to calculate
requisite crank journal sizing

Torque plate cylinder hone in progress
Original timing chain cover was damaged beyond
repair, so a new cover will be used

IRS tie plate also in poor shape
New billet alloy IRS tie plate installed

New output shaft seals, bronze fulcrum bushings,
rebuilt brakes, new springs and Koni shocks
Fabricating new brake lines

Front suspension and brakes completely rebuilt
Rebuilt front suspension subframe now installed
beneath the car

We have now completed your Stage One cylinder head rebuild and have the block machine work well underway.

Block on the floating boring bar to
machine out old sleeves
Note water jackets behind sleeves

Cylinder head has now been machined
and assembled
Stage One head rebuild completed

Front subframe blasted and powder coated

We now have your engine rebuild well underway, with the Stage One cylinder head rebuild scheduled to be completed by the end of this week.

Engine as received in the CJ machine shop
Removing the cylinder head

Tearing the cylinder head down on the bench

Valve seats were in very poor shape
We surfaced both exhaust and intake flanges

View along one of the intake runners after porting

Pressure testing the head
Installing tappet hold down kit

Front of head prior to sanding and polishing
After polishing

I am pleased to report that we now have this project underway. Our first task is to remove the engine, transmission and front suspension.

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