1974 E Type roadster (VG)
Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This is a one owner, very low mileage car that will be totally restored incorporating a number of practical Team CJ upgrades.


Interior installation now completed.

CD and satellite radio is fairly discreet
and not too modern looking
Installing new seat belts
Freshly trimmed seats are the
last thing to go into place
Gorgeous Suffolk & Turley hides

Installing new speakers
Shiny new set of dayton wire wheels
Installing the rear cubby box
Rear bulkhead trimmed out
Lid trimmed and installed


We have now finished road testing your car and all that remains is to install the new interior and convertible top.


Your seats have now been restored and retrimmed.


Installing the Dynamat. Your car is next in line to have its new interior installed.


We now have all your chrome back from the platers and have been making final preparations to fire up he engine fo the first time.

The following pictures show the installation of your uprated cooling system and the new stainless steel exhaust, etc.

 New CJ radiator installed
Ray installing your new
alloy expansion tank
 New exhaust manifolds
Installing the SS exhaust 

Engine bay slowly filling up....
Note polished manifold shields
New SS exhaust
Fear not, the wheel is just


Engine and transmission now safely installed.....



Preparing to install the rebuilt engine and drivetrain....
Installing the wiring harness
Rebuilt engine about to be mated 
with transmission
Starter motor has been

I am pleased to report that your car is now back on its wheels. We hope to be installing the rebuilt engine and the rest of the drivetrain over the course of the coming week.

As you can see, we now have the bonnet painted and have the carb rebuild well underway.

Time to paint the body....


Your car has now been primed and we have been trial fitting (and grinding on!) all the chrome and brightwork. We are scheduled to be painting the car towards the back end of next week.


With the bodywork completed, we have now applied the Slick Sand and have begun the final blocking stage. Over the next few days, the car will be blocked with 120 then 180 grit paper. It will then be primed with high build primer and sanded with 400 then 600, at which point it will be ready for paint.
 Sheet metal repairs have now
been completed
Lead loading also finished 
Bare metal was sealed with BASF 
etching primer 
 Slick Sand drying in the Texas 
LT blocking the boot lid and
surrounding quarter panels
Doors and bonnet are latched
for the blocking stage
 Subliminal marketing in guidecoat!

The following photographs show Lawrence fabricating various panels and restoring/re-assembling your bonnet.

Lower air intake was rusty
So we fabricated a new one
See rust in original panel LT
is holding up
Both front wings had some
rust issues
Holes for 74 overrider shocks
have been welded up
RH wing just had lower section
cut away and replaced
Etch primer and Wurth Body Wax is
used during re-beading
Lower wings won't rust again any
time soon!
Time to start assembling the
This is the bonding adhesive we use
in the CJ Workshop
Cutting away rear part of
the RH wing
LT fabricated a new wing


As you can see, we have rock guarded and painted the underside of the car which has now been removed from the rotisserie and placed on one of the frame jigs.
First we sealed the restored
tub in etching primer
Seam sealed all the joints
Masked off the outer panels
Applied 3M Body Schutz
Then painted the underside black


Both floors have now been installed, as well as the new outer sills and the fabricated rear bulkhead panel. Lawrence has now turn his attention to the firewall before tackling the bonnet. Please let us know whether you would like to keep the boot mounted luggage rack.

The second floor is now
welded in place
The outer sills have also now
been installed
Rear bulkhead panel was fabricated 
and spot welded in place
Cleaning up weld repair prior to
applying lead body solder
Bulkhead closing panel installed
 Installing the new bulkhead
firewall panel

The sheet metal replacement has begun...
One of the new floors has
been spot welded in place
Trial fitting the front
kick panels
Doors are temporarily hung before
installing the outer sills
 Inner box sections coated
with Wurth Body Wax

It is now time to get the body restoration underway in earnest. After the initial blasting, Lawrence cut away all the bad sheet metal and thenwe blasted the newly exposed areas again, before sealing with BASF etching primer. Th tub will receive new floors and sills, but really isn't in bad shape compared to some we have seen.

 The rust beneath the car really
wasn't too bad
 Lawrence cutting away the 
corroded panels
After a second blasting, Orlando is 
blowing the tub off prior to priming
The BASF etching primer is an 
excellent anti-corrosive
 Andy has been calling you to
find out if you want to keep
the bootlid luggage rack


Putting the finishing touches to your rebuilt engine....




Installing your pistons.....on Monday we will assemble and install the cylinder heads.

It is now time to start reassembling your engine.......
Installing the new head studs
Gasket surface being welded up
The gasket surface after being 
 Installing the new liners
Rebuilt and balanced rods
 Installing pistons to rods

I thought you might be interested to see some of the work in progress on your cylinder heads. As you can see, they needed some pretty extensive welding!


Your front suspension has been rebuilt and your transmission is being rebuilt at the present time.

Assembling the new shocks
and springs
Rebuilt hub carriers having
bronze bushings installed
New brake lines fabricated
and installed
New adjustable shocks installed
New shocks for the front, also...


A couple of photographs for Barry and the guys at Turbine Services.......more tomorrow, I promise!

IRS components have been
beautifully powder coated
Diff completely rebuilt

I am pleased to report that we now have your engine fully disassembled, other than the few remaining badly corroded head studs. We broke two stud extractor tools (so far!) and have to wait for replacement tools before we can remove the last few studs. This engine was an absolute bear to take apart. It fought us every step of the way!
Finally managed to get one
of the heads off...
Many of the head studs are
very badly corroded
Removing head studs
All of the head studs will be
replaced as a matter of course
The second head finally separated
from the block!
Time for a full rebuild

IRS parts for powder
Cleaning and painting the
differential casing

As you can see, the car is now completely stripped out and has been placed on a rotisserie jig ready for plastic media blasting. We have started to disassemble the engine, although at the time or writing, the heads are stuck firm.

By the end of today (12/13/04) the car will be ready to go on the jig and be sent out for plastic media blasting.
Suspension is pretty grimy!
Floors actually appear
very sold indeed
This car has obviously been a
major leaker!
Front susp will be rebuilt
With the engine out, we can finish 
stripping ou t the engine bay
Gas tank looks solid

As you can see, your car is slowly coming apart and the restoration is well underway. Before we started the disassembly we carried out some basic tests of the engine - including compression and mechanical oil pressure tests. I am afraid the results were not very encouraging, with compression readings all over the place. One cylinder was down to 40 psi...
115 psi
100 psi
100 psi
125 psi
115 psi
75 psi
40 psi
75 psi
75 psi
100 psi
115 psi
125 psi

Labels dated Sept and Oct 73 found
behind the dash
Stripping out the interior has revealed
a pretty sound bodyshell
Quite a bit of surface rust in
the boot
Removing the dash and wiring
Car will be rewired
4 speed will be rebuilt
I'd be interested to here how this
got bent!
We'll have the engine and trans out
later today

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