Our Cars - 2005 Aston Martin Vanquish S
Onyx Black Metallic with Obsidian hides

November 13, 2014
When I bought the Aston it was missing its lower front splitter, which is one of the few visible distinguishing features between the Vanquish S and the regular Vanquish. I ordered a new 'S' splitter from Aston Martin of Austin and over the last couple of days we have painted and installed it to the car.

Where the old splitter had once been fitted to the underside of the front spoiler, there were quite a lot of scratches, presumably from the first owner's low driveway. We therefore decided to repair and paint the underside of the spoiler at the same time as painting and installing the new splitter.

The old 3M protective film, which was installed when the car was virtually new, was also starting to show its age, so we removed that and buffed the paintwork beneath. Thankfully, the film had done its job and the entire front end of the car is completely free from stone chips or any signs of wear. Having repaired the underside of the front spoiler and painted and installed the new splitter, the front of the car now looks absolutely pristine and as new.

Time to install a new factory front splitter
Splitter supplied primed

Removing old 3M wrap from front end of car

Scratches beneath front spoiler will be repaired
Scratches repaired, underside of spoiler primed

Splitter and underside of spoiler painted Onyx Black
Reinstalling front end

We used AM rivets and double sided 3M tape

All the holes in new splitter lined up perfectly

Finished result looks great!

Sunrise by the 18th fairway of the Hills Country Club. I wish I was a better photographer, because this really was a spectacular scene on my way to work this morning. A line of cool mist was rolling across the lake and the Aston looked absolutely stunning silhouetted against this magnificent backdrop.

This is my version of "stopping and smelling the roses".

Today was the first time I ever felt an irresistible urge to pull over and take photos of the car I was driving to work. Difficult to complain about working on a Sunday when this is my morning commute.

Vanquish S + deserted morning roads = bliss

Having some fun with the personalized sill plates...

Original owner's name carefully removed
Not technically correct, but all in good fun

Vanquish S looks stunning from any angle

August 2014

We are absolutely thrilled to add this one owner, 8,000 mile Vanquish S to the Classic Jaguar fleet. These cars were beasts when new - and still pack a formidable punch today, especially in the mid and upper ranges. Truly one of the world's great super cars.

Checking over the new arrival in the CJ workshop
Interior is in virtually unmarked

Several cows were sacrificed to produce the Vanquish
interior - there is leather everywhere
Although perhaps a little dated, the cabin is
beautifully crafted

As good as the car already sounds, I am a fan of
Quick Silver exhausts - duly ordered
With the Vanquish raised on one of the shop lifts, the
unique underside is on display

This is what the underside of a 200 + MPH car
looks like
After a thorough detail, the car is almost as clean
underneath as it is up top!

Personalized sill plates will be modified to
identify yours truly
Original owner's name carefully removed with 80 grit
sand paper and a little elbow grease

Onyx Black metallic paint gleams in the sunlight
Resting on the driveway at home after a joyous
drive through the Texas Hill Country