1967 E Type roadster (TR)
Total Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total Team CJ restoration featuring significant performance and reliability upgrades, a 370+ HP Stage Two 4.7 L engine, Borrani wheels, etc. This car will be finished in British Racing Green with Tan Suffolk & Turley hides.

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Update report - November 1, 2017
One final test drive, one last photo opportunity!

Car now just days away from completion
Suffolk & Turley interior looks spectacular

Your car has spent the last few days being tuned on the Dyno and I am pleased to report that it has been putting down some very impressive numbers! Using a 20% power loss correction factor (from flywheel to rear wheels), your Stage Two CJ engine is producing 379 HP and 437 ft/lbs of torque. These numbers are all the more remarkable given they were achieved with all ancillary components in place, including the complete exhaust system. The compression ratio is a conservative 9.8:1 and all testing was performed using 93 octane pump gas.

Your E Type is a flying machine, and certainly one of the fastest road legal 6 cylinder E Types on the road.

CJ/Borrani wheels now installed
Dyno sheet showing some remarkable
HP and torque numbers

Installing the convertible top and bonnet.

Time to install the bonnet!
Looking more like a finished car every day

Stapling the rear edge of the mohair top

Hector and Carlos installing your new mohair Suffolk & Turley convertible top (in progress).

Click on the image below for a short video of the car being run through the gears on the Dyno!

After an uneventful initial firing, we have already run the engine through several heat cycles and it is now time to spend a few hours on the Dyno. I will post a video of the car running through the gears tomorrow afternoon.

On a different note, happy 14th birthday to Race! Your dad tells me he is going to allow you to do your driver's ed in the E Type in a couple of years.

Front lights and brightwork have now been installed

After successful initial firing and several heat cycles,
the car has now been moved to the Dyno

New fuel tank has now been installed
Hector installed the interior door panels over
the weekend

The car is scheduled for several hours on the Dyno
tomorrow (8/8)
Look for a video of the car being put through its
paces tomorrow!

The mechanical assembly is progressing very well!

Slave wheels and tires will be used for beak-in
sessions on the chassis dyno

Uprated suspension and brakes on display with the
car raised on one of the lifts

Stage Two 4.7L engine will be fired up in the
next few days
Engine bay filling up rapidly!

Wiper motor rebuilt, restored and installed
Bumpers and overriders installed

Gerardo has now almost finished sanding and buffing the new paintwork and Carlos has begun installing the first of the restored chrome and brightwork.

Installing the restored convertible top frame
Car will receive a black mohair Suffolk & Turley
convertible top

Carlos has now trimmed and installed the
bonnet chrome beading

Bonnet is now ready for lights and bumpers
Gerardo has now sanded and buffed the doors

Interior re-trim, continued..

Your car is now keeping some good company
in the CJ trim room!

Installing fuse boards and heater elbows behind
the dash
Installing 3M 8840 sound deadening material prior
to installing the gas tank

Carlos starting to install the first pieces of the tan interior...

Installing Dynamat, hydraulic and fuel lines, engine and transmission ready to install.

Fabricating and installing hydraulic and fuel lines
New brake booster and master cylinder installed

Dynamat installed throughout the cabin

Engine and transmission ready to install

Your car has now been moved to the main workshop where the mechanical reassembly is already underway.

Putting finishing touches to the IRS rebuild
IRS now almost ready to install

Installing engine frames
Front and rear suspension installed, your car is now
sitting on its wheels

Wiring, dash, engine and transmission next..
CJ/Borrani wheels

The bonnet and engine frames have now been painted British Racing Green.

Late yesterday afternoon Gerardo painted the main body and the doors.

View through the booth window at around
4pm yesterday
After unmasking, first thing this morning

BRG shows off the E Types curves beautifully

Yesterday afternoon we painted the underside of your bonnet. Later today we will be painting the underside of the main body, then on Monday we will start painting all of the outer panels.

Rocker guard being applied to the front wheel wells

Underside of bonnet now BRG

Applying rocker guard to the underside of floors

Applying the first of the British Racing Green paint! First up is the cabin area and the boot compartment.

For this car we have chosen our darkest
British racing Green option
For anyone interested in the color for their
own restoration

Cabin and boot compartment sealed in epoxy
primer all joints seam sealed

The first of the British Racing Green!

Unpacking your beautifully re-plated chrome...

The doors and boot lid have been reinstalled and adjusted following application of the sprayable polyester. At this stage the panel fit has been finalized and you can see how all the gaps will look on the finished car.

Panel fit is spectacular throughout the car

Rear bottom corner of right side of bonnet

Right hand upper door panel gaps
Lower rear corner of passenger door

Lower rear corner of driver's door
Lower front corner of driver's door

With the bodywork (filler and block) stage completed, your car has now been primed with Spies Hecker 3508 Raderal sprayable polyester.

Lead loading the rear quarters and front cowl..

Note heater box is trial fitted as part of the
bonnet installation
Filing lead on the front cowl

Right hand cowl now has lead applied
Starting to take shape after filing

All the panel gaps are looking good

Oscar has been busy trimming and fitting your alloy bonnet....

New engine frames installed

Both wings will be trimmed to fit

Oscar checking straightness after hammering over
edge beading

Bonnet fit now starting to take shape
Trial fitting mudguards

We have now removed the monocoque from the rotisserie and placed it on a roll-around frame jig. The next task will be to install the new engine frames and fit the new CJ aluminum bonnet.

Preparing to install the engine side frames

Trial fitting rear lights and license plate chrome
Keeping good company in the CJ Coachworks

Oscar has been busy installing your new floors, after carefully rust proofing all the enclosed box sections with Wurth Body Wax prior to spot welding the floors into place.

Wurth Body Wax is sprayed in all box sections
that will be enclosed by the floors

The body wax will help prevent for decades to come
Left and right hand floors are spot welded along
the center line

Spot welding the rear floor brace in position

Floors are clamped in place for welding

Literally hundreds of spot welds secure the new floors
to the main monocoque
Trial fitting the outer sills

About to spot weld the outer sills in place

Lots of progress in the Coachworks...

Cutting out rusted section of inner cowl
Trial fitting replacement repair panel

Rust holes up beneath LH A pillar

Cracks found around engine stabilizer

Drilling out spot welds holding bracket
to firewall

Crack cannot be ignored at such an important
structural part of the firewall

Cutting out the corroded section

Trial fitting replacement repair panel
New stabilizer bracket fabricated

Acid washing inner/enclosed surfaces
Tack welding replacement panel in position

TIG weld next
Repair now invisible after metal finishing

Antenna hole will be filled

Unusual view of new boot latch being
trial fitted

All inner box sections are thoroughly rust proofed

Trial fitting new boot lid

We have now wrapped this Stage Two engine rebuild and look forward to seeing how it performs on the chassis dyno in a few months time. We typically see about 380 HP and 430 ft/lbs of torque with our 4.7L CJ Stage Two rebuilds. That's more torque than a Ferrari 458 Italia - in a car weighing less than 2,500 lb!

Preparing to install the oil pan

Not just a pretty face, this engine will put out around
380HP and 430 ft/lbs of torque!

Putting the finishing touches to another 4.7L CJ Stage Two engine rebuild.

We have now finished the block machine work and we are about to begin the final assembly.

Torque plate cylinder honing in progress
Surfacing the block with front timing chain installed

Balancing flywheel and pressure plate
Balancing your billet stroker crankshaft

Laying out forged Carrillo connecting rods and
custom forged CJ pistons, etc

Final assembly underway!

The following sequence of photographs show Oscar fabricating a new inner support panel for the upper license plate panel. Unfortunately the original panel was completely rotten and new panels are not available, hence the need to fabricate one from scratch.

Removing the rear license plate support panel

A new panel had to be fabricated from scratch

Trial fitting the new panel

Not much left at the back of the car at this point!

Trial fitting license plate panel
Unfortunately your boot lid is also rusty
and will be replaced

Oscar has been busy cutting out corroded metal and fabricating replacement panels for the IRS chassis legs and beneath the windscreen pillars. He has made excellent progress in the last few weeks!

Body restoration underway today!

Restoration of your seats now virtually complete.

Lots of progress in the machine shop, interior trim restoration about to get underway.

Base-line flow testing the head
Machining out old seats

Surfacing gasket areas
Porting in progress (exhaust port)

Machining 5 angled valve job

Front of head prior to sanding and polishing

Surfacing the deck

Rebuilt head now ready for assembly

Beautiful tan Suffolk & Turley hides

I am pleased to report that we now have your Stage 2 (4.7L) engine rebuild underway.

Removing the cylinder head

Crank will be replaced with a billet stroked unit

Oil pan had several cracks that will require welding

Disassembling the head

Head has extensive shrapnel damage

Measuring head warpage - will require a cam
saddle align hone
Several chambers will require significant repair

Baseline flow testing prior to port work

Cylinder head weld repairs underway

Cutting out floors with the plasma cutter. Click on the large image below for a short video clip.

Blasting the car back to bare metal has unfortunately exposed some fairly extensive damage, as well as some pretty shoddy sheet metal repairs. The car was obviously quite rusty prior to being painted, with several corroded areas being covered up with bondo or crudely patched. There is also some old accident damage evident around the rear lamp panels.

A sample of your Nickel plating and powder coating...

Just some of the goodies that go into a Team CJ Stage Two rebuild...

Some of the component parts of a Team CJ
Stage Two engine rebuild
Billet stroker crank in foreground

We now have your E Type completely disassembled and will have the sheet metal blasted back to bare metal in the next few days.

Time to tear the car down and see what lurks
beneath the shiny paint

Panel gaps are poor, and the car clearly has a great
deal of bondo throughout the body

Engine and transmission removed

Time to remove the interior
Cutting away outer sills reveals patched
inner sills

LH inner sill has been crudely patched with a flat
piece of sheet metal

Car now on a rotisserie blasting jig

We will have this exciting project underway in the next few weeks!

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