Team CJ torsion bars
for the E Type and classic XK range

Team CJ torsion bars are the best (and most widely used) Jaguar torsion bars in the world. Manufactured exclusively for Classic Jaguar to our own carefully calculated design specs, they represent the single biggest suspension upgrade you could make to your E Type Jaguar.

This world class Team CJ product is available in various specifications including standard, mildly uprated and high performance street. Whether you are competing on the concours show circuit or on the high banking at Daytona, we have the torsion bars you need.

All Team CJ torsion bars are supplied beautifully powder coated and ready to install. They are available for all E Types and the full XK range of Jaguars.

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Part #
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TCJ6800 - 6 cyl E 
(Stock street 0.80")
per pair
TCJ6860 - 6 cyl E 
(Uprated street - 0.86")
per pair
TCJ12900M - V12 E 
(Uprated street - 0.90")
per pair
TCJXK1057 - XK 120/140/150
(Mildly uprated - 1.052")
per pair