1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 (Topo)
Total restoration
Restoration log by Dan Mooney



1967 Lamborghini Miura - Chassis # 3051

This Lamborghini P400 (production # 36) has been languishing in its current disassembled state for almost 40 years. Affectionately named 'Topo' by its longtime owners, the car is currently undergoing a total restoration in the Team CJ Workshops.

Purchased new by the legendary oil heir, racer and super car personality Toly Arutunoff, 3051 has a fascinating history. It was raced several times by Mr. Arutunoff shortly after he took delivery in the summer of 1967, and also used as his daily driver for several years.

The following letter is reproduced courtesy of the
Miura Register.

"I ordered Miura #7, I think, at the Torino Salone in '65, but received something like #22 in late summer '67, just too late to run it at the Bonneville salt flats. They told me $12,700 but it was only $12,300! There was a dinner trip across Modena with Bob Wallace. Sidelights only, 100kph, flash high beams at intersections. Memories!

I sold it in '71 or '72 to someone from the Chicago area, right after the factory offered to convert it to an 'S' for $5,000. I put about 75,000 km on it. Using it as a daily driver at age 30 gave me six pack abs! When it left my ownership it had Ford F-100 u-joints and the internal gear for the alternator drive was a slightly modified Yazoo lawnmower part! It also had a cheap radio with shiny speakers mounted on the door panels and the passenger grab handle was a bit flexible.

I am curious where it is now."

Toly Arutunoff, December 2016


Opening report - April 21, 2019
Off the road since 1980, this 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400, affectionately known as 'Topo', is about to undergo a total restoration in the Team CJ Works.

The first owner of this special car was legendary racer, collector, raconteur, author and car guy extraordinaire, Toly Arutunoff. Mr. Arutunoff bought the car new in 1967 and immediately took it racing - because that's the type of thing he did!

Toly Arutunoff with Topo in 1967
Only Toly Arutunoff would buy a brand new Miura
and take it straight to the track!

Toly racing in Montgomery, Alabama in 1968

In the owner's garage, awaiting restoration

Loaded up and bound for the Team CJ Works
Bye for now!

Safely in the Team CJ Works

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