1964 E Type roadster (TH)
Major mechanical overhaul


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Full engine and gearbox rebuild, full rewire, repair firewall, replace damaged engine frames and rebuild the front suspension and brakes.


As you can see, we have now installed your rebuilt engine and transmission and started hooking up all the various engine bay ancillaries. It won't be long now before we have the old car back on the road again! Our work is almost done....
Engine back where it belongs...
Note TCJ billet pulleys

The following photographs show the rebuilt and installed front suspension, rebuilt steering rack, new Wilwood brakes, new aluminium radiator and expansion tank, replacement 4.2 pedal box complete with new (later style) brake and clutch master clinders. You can also see the new harness going into place.
Rebuilt suspension and new cross-drilled
brake rotors
CJ radiator and expansion tank
Detailing everything as we go...
New Wilwoods
Note poly bushings throughout....
4.2 pedal box and master cylinders
Harness going into place..
Seriously high powered fan

What a difference a couple of weeks can make! I am pleased to report that we now have the engine fully rebuilt and the firewall and new frames repained. As you can see in the photographs below, John has begun the process of reassembling the frames and is already starting to go back with the rebuilt front suspension.

As per out telephone conversation yesterday evening, I confirm that we will upgrade the brakes to 4.2 specs for you during the reassembly process..

Lawrence made us this amazing contraption
to make painting frames easier!
We restamped the new picture frame for you
Firewall nw BRG
Going together  with the new frames...
Grade 8 hardware thoughout
Suspension before rebuild..
Going back with the rebuilt suspension
New Poly bushings...
Engine edges closer and closer 
to the engine bay...

As you can see, we already have this project well underway. The engine is at the machine shop, the gearbox has been completely rebuilt, the damaged subframes have been removed and the firewall has been repaired.

Over the next few days we will repaint the firewall and the new frames and start reassembling the front end along with the rebuilt front suspension.

Stripping out the engine bay
Sealing with epoxy primer
Front bulk head panel repaired
Support was hanging by a thread
Firewall primed and ready for BRG
Picture frame was badly damaged also
Transmission completely rebuilt

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