Tom Ivankovich 

June 25, 2000

The following magnificent photographs show Tom's E Type finished and on the open road. And what roads they are, too! Wide open spaces with beautiful mountainous back drops and clear blue skies........... We are beginning to wonder whether Tom is  professional photographer in his spare time!

Thanks for sharing these awesome images with us, Tom.

Sincere best regards from all at Team CJ.

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April 9, 2000

We were delighted to hear from Tom and Robert that their restoration project is in the finishing straight. As Tom put it in an email earlier today, "I am in the last mile of a marathon race".

Maiden voyages have been undertaken (less bonnet, of course!) and everything appears to be working beautifully.

This really has been an incredible achievement by Robert, Tom's friend and mechanic, especially when one considers that this is the first Jaguar he has ever worked with. Congratulations, Robert - everyone at Classic Jaguar is duly impressed!

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March 13, 2000

Robert and Tom now have the rear end installed under the car and the engine bay is running out of space - always a sign that the project is approaching the final stages!

It is also delightful to see Tom looking so well again. If we could just bottle that look of happiness and pride we could all retire tomorrow!

Keep the pictures coming, Tom - and keep up the great work, Robert!

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February 25, 2000

As the IRS (independent rear suspension) goes back together, Tom and Robert are rapidly running out of excuses to get this car back on the ground!

February 21, 2000

We received the following photographs/update from our friend Tom Ivankovich in Croatia, earlier today. They show the amazing progress Tom is making with the restoration of his E type FHC.

Tom tells us that his friend Robert (see main picture) deserves tremendous credit for the great work he is doing, especially since he had never seen an E Type Jaguar before he agreed to help Tom with this project.

The car really is looking great, Tom. Tell Robert he has a job in Texas if he ever feels the need to shed all those winter clothes!

Best wishes to both Tom and Robert from all your friends at CJ.

Dan M.

The Maestro Robert, hard at work!



January 30, 2000

Tom's car has moved on still further over the last few weeks. Today we were delighted to receive the attached photographs following completion of the beautiful silver paintwork in the engine bay.

It really is beginning to look great, Tom. Keep up the good work - and keep the pictures coming!

Best Regards,


December 19, 1999

Some serious progress now being made!

The following photographs show just how far Tom is going with his restoration - basically, all the way!

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September 27, 1999

A few things on way from Texas to Croatia - look for a big package soon!


We are delighted and proud to dedicate this page to our friend in Croatia, Mr. Tom Ivankovich. Tom's 1963 FHC may very well be the only E Type in Croatia - which is an amazing achievement.

Tom is currently carrying out a mechanical rebuild on his car, incorporating a great many performance and reliability upgrades as he goes. It is our privelage to assist him in his project.

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