1972 V12 E Type roadster (TM)
Total CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total CJ restoration including numerous performance and reliability upgrades



Update report - August 7, 2009

I am pleased to report that your car is due to be collected this afternoon. It has been an absolute pleasure to build this beautiful E Type for you.







Ater fine tuning the engine and carbs on the rolling road, and with the rings nicely seated, we decided to do a couple of Dyno pulls to establish some actual HP and torque numbers. Although the engine rebuild was carefully blueprinted, the only significant variations from stock specification are forged 9:1 pistons and Team CJ headers.

These cars left the factory with approximately 250 horsepower, measured at the flywheel with all belts and ancillaries disconnected - and of course, no muffler. In a long wheel base E Type, 250 HP at the flywheel equates to approximately 200 rear wheel horsepower. On the very first Dyno pull, this fresh CJ rebuild put down 251 HP to the rear wheels, equating to approximately 313 HP at the flywheel. That represents a gain of approximately 65 HP over stock - and of course we also have a full exhaust system installed and all the engine bay ancillaries hooked up, including the air conditioning. This old E Type will get along the road very nicely indeed.



I am delighted to report that we test fired and ran the engine this afternoon and everything went perfectly. Unfortunately, the microphone on my camera doesn't pick up the engine note as well as I would like, although I can tell you that it sounds very nice indeed!

We have now installed your CJ5 five speed transmission and your new stainless steel exhaust. The maiden voyage is planned for tomorrow afternoon!

Just about ready to fire the
engine for the first time
Brand new design - CJ spin on
oil filter conversion for V12
New exhaust installed
CJ5 five speed installed


Installing your new hide seat covers...


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We have now installed your engine and the engine bay is filling up rapidly!


We have now completed your Stage One engine rebuild and will be reinstalling the engine back in the car very shortly.

 Front bumpers and overriders
now installed
Alternator rebuilt mechanically
and cosmetically
 Assembling the short block
Custom Venolia pistons and modified liners
 Stainless steel headers
 Engine now fully assembled
 Engine mounts had to be modified
to clear the headers

We have been busy rebuilding your dash, carbs, installing more chrome...



Chrome and brightwork going into place...

Installing boot insignia
Rear bumpers installed
New real lamps in place
New electric antenna


Installing and adjusting the doors, bootlid, gas filler flap, etc....



Installing Dynamat in the cabin and trunk areas...

Rebuilt upper steering column


Time to start going back together with your car...



We painted your car yesterday evening and I could not be more pleased with the way everything came out. I hope you like it!

Heating one of your heads prior to
installing new CJ seats


Time for the first of the Signal Red paint. First we painted the engine frames, then the underside, then last night we painted inside the cabin. Next will be the underside of the bonnet, doors and boot lid, then finally all the outer panels. We hope to have all the paintwork finished by the end of this week.

First the engine frames were painted....
Then the underside...
Then the cabin area


We have now completed all the bodywork and your car is in final primer. Over the next week or so we will sand the car with 400 grit (dry) then 600 (wet), at which time it will be time to start applying the color.

Car is reassembled for the final
sanding stage
Latches and rubber seals are
installed for sanding
Panel gaps are perfect on your car
 Cabin sealed with epoxy then
seam sealed


We have now finished the panel replacement. Next up is the installation of your bonnet.

Wurth body wax is applied to the
inner sill area
With the sill welded in place, Darrell the
lead loaded all the seams
Freshly leaded areas must be
acid washed before priming
Body is sealed with 589 epoxy primer

Installing the left hand door skin..
 Weld-Thru primer used on areas
to be spot welded
 John spot welding the new
skin in place
 Next up, installing the new outer sills

The following sequence of photographs show the repair to your boot floor.

First the rusty section was cut out
A repair panel was fabricated and
tack welded in place
The joint was then TIG wedled
With the weld ground away the repair
is virtually invisible
Scraping underseal off the front mudguards

It is now time to get the exciting stuff underway! I am very pleased to report that there really weren't any nasty surprises following the sand blasting of the body. The worst of the corrosion was in the left hand door skin and the boot floor (beneath the gas tank). Other than that, everything looks pretty solid.

Cutting off the outer sills prior to blasting
Not too bad underneath...
Boot floor looks a bit dodgy, however...
Back from the blasters, everything
looks quite solid
Bellypan of bonnet has some minor issues
Cabin floor is sound
Holes in the boot floor had been hidden
by the gas tank
LH door skin removed and the door
shell has been sealed
Bellypan already repaired
Sealing the bodyshell with epoxy primer
All in all, the news is pretty good!

Your differential and IRS rebuilds have now ben completed...

Nickel plated front and rear suspension 
and brake components
Differential completely rebuilt
IRS now a thing of beauty!


We now have your IRS and engine rebuilds well underway...

 Disassembling the IRS
Very grimy! 
 Spray can silver paint directly over
grime and dirt - not a good look
 Suspension will be uprated, front and rear
 Cylinder heads did not want to 
part company with the block
Engine will be built to Stage One specs

We now have your car completely disassembled and on one of the rotisserie jigs ready to strip the paint.

Engine and trans removed
Firewall completely stripped
On the rotisserie rear to strip the paint


I am pleased to report that your car arrived safely at CJ on Friday afternoon. I hope you enjoy watching the restoration unfold in the months ahead!

 Original looking dash in nice shape
 There is a fair amount of bondo down
both sides of this car
 Both rear arches are a little rough
 Old accident damage evident at
RH lower quarter
 Lots of overspray all over the underside
 Some rust is bubbling though the 
driver's door skin
 Home made 'glass pack' exhaust


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