Team CJ Lightweight Low Drag Coupe (Chassis 001)
This car is for sale and may be purchased at any point throughout the restoration
Restoration log by Dan Mooney


Specification (briefly) for this project, as follows:

This is an alloy bodied tribute to the world famous Low Drag Coupe created by the Jaguar factory when they modified Peter Lindner's 1963 Lightweight E Type roadster (chassis # S850662). Malcolm Sayer designed the bodywork with improved aerodynamics, hoping to push Lindner towards the winner's circle at Le Mans in the spring of 1964. Unfortunately, the car suffered mechanical problems which ultimately led to it being withdrawn from the race. Tragically, just a few months later, Peter Lindner lost his life when he crashed his Low Drag Coupe while racing in Monlhery, France.

In terms of appearance, the Team CJ Lightweight Low Drag Coupe will very closely resemble the original Lindner Low Drag Coupe. Mechanically, it will feature a 4.7L CJ Stage Two engine producing 380 HP and 435 ft/lbs of torque, as well as numerous Team CJ performance and reliability upgrades. The finished car will be 100% road legal.

The donor car (and titled identity) of this particular Team CJ Lightweight Low Drag Coupe is a 1963 Jaguar E Type FHC (887568) that was built at the Browns Lane factory at precisely the same time as S850662. The two cars were completed within days of each other, both shipping out in May 1963.

This car is for sale and may be purchased at any point throughout the restoration.

Interested parties please contact Dan Mooney for additional information.

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4.7L Stage Two engine rebuild underway in the CJ machine shop.

Billet crank and some of the other components
that go into a 4.7L Stage Two rebuild

Pressure testing the cylinder head
Damaged threads in one of the water jacket
plugs in the top of the head

Tapping threads for steel insert

Installing steel threaded insert

Machining cam cap surfaces on mill

Preparing for align hone of cam caps

Surfacing intake flange on the mill
CJ guides and valve seats installed

View along intake runner past guide to valve seat
Honing CJ Trojan guides for desired stem to
guide clearance

Honing tappet guides for oversized RBR tappets

Blending bowls
Surfacing deck

We are delighted to get this exciting project underway!

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