1974 V12 Jaguar E Type (TC)
Major mechanical overhaul and upgrade
Restoration Log by Dan Mooney


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

The very first memory the owner of this E Type has is when his father took him to Overseas Motors in Dallas and bought this car brand new off the showroom floor! This amazingly original E Type has been laid up for around 15 years, so our task is to perform a major mechanical overhaul, an engine rebuild and get the car back on the road, where she belongs! We will also be installing a new Suffolk & Turley interior and a new canvas convertible top.

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Update report - January 22, 2018
I am pleased to report that we have now completed the re-trimming of your E Type and installed the new canvas convertible top.

Lots of progress in the CJ trim room.

Forward and main dash pads have been re-trimmed

Tucking and stapling the bottom edge of the
seat backs
Both seat backs and headrest have now been
trimmed, seat bottoms in process

Over the next few weeks we will be installing a complete Suffolk & Turley interior kit into our 74 roadster project.

Original interior trim is in poor condition and will
be replaced

Dash top and sun visors will also be replaced
Convertible top frame removed, stripping the
covering from the rear bulkhead

Dynamat being installed throughout the cabin

New biscuit sill covers installed

Final assembly of the engine in progress...

Lots of progress in the CJ engine shop!

Setting up block on the mill to machine out
seized/broken head studs

Debris scraped from coolant passages

Block has been boiled and cleaned prior to
weld repairs
Marking areas that will need attention in the
CJ Coachworks

Building up damaged areas using the TIG welder

Setting up block in surfacer to machine welded
areas flat

After surfacing, deck surface looks new once again
Timing chain cover machined in conjunction
with block

Align honing in progress

First of the cylinder heads on the assembly bench

Both heads now fully assembled and ready to install

We now have your engine rebuild well underway and have already found several serious issues. One of the cylinder heads had some minor corrosion and two separate cracks, and the second cylinder head had some very significant corrosion on the deck surface. There are areas of the engine block deck that have been damaged when someone has attempted to force the head off by wedging something (chisel, screw driver, etc) between the seized head and the block.

As a result of all this damage, both heads, and the engine block itself, will be spending some time in the Coachworks for weld repairs, although we are confident that we can save all the damaged components.

Engine arrives in the CJ machine shop for
some major surgery!

Using CJ puller tool to remove seized heads

Head gaskets badly deteriorated

Block has been damaged by someone attempting
to separate seized cylinder heads
Block deck will be welded up and milled back

Installing steel threaded drain plug bung

Disassembling cylinder heads

Pressure testing cylinder heads
Bubbling highlights one of two cracks revealed by
pressure testing process

Vertical crack can be seen in center of this image
One head had very badly corroded deck surface

Welding up damaged deck surface in CJ Coachworks

Starting to surface the welded areas of the head

Machining out old valve seats
Head is warped and will be straightened

Front and rear suspension and brake components
off to be Nickel plates

Removing the engine and transmission for rebuilding.

I am very pleased to have this exciting project underway! Last week we performed a compression and leak down test on your engine and recorded virtually zero compression in cylinder B4. Further investigation soon revealed significant shrapnel within that cylinder, and impact damage to the top of the piston. In the short video clip below, you can actually see debris wedged between the piston rings and the cylinder wall. The shiny areas on top of the piston are where something has broken loose and impacted the piston.

Safely in the CJ Workshops
Video shows damage and debris in cylinder
B4 - major surgery required

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