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Vehicle Sales Division
Licensed Dealer P33231

Classic Jaguar is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Team CJ Vehicle Sales Division.

As part of a carefully planned and continuing expansion program, we have acquired additional premises adjoining our existing restoration and service facilities in Austin, Texas. The new building is to be the home of our Team CJ Vehicle Sales Division.

The mission of the Team CJ Vehicle Sales Division is to offer fairly priced, accurately described Jaguars of all ages and conditions, from restoration projects to nearly new models from the contemporary Jaguar range.

With our unparalleled reputation for integrity and professionalism within the Jaguar community, enthusiasts the world over now have a company they can trust when it comes to buying their dream Jaguar.

In the spectacular Team CJ showroom you are likely to see a restoration project E Type parked next to a current year model XK8. All Team CJ Jaguars will be fully inspected and appraised by Classic Jaguar technicians. Descriptions will be accurate to the point of being brutally honest. If you are not completely delighted with any car you buy from Team CJ - simply return it for a full refund!

As we launch the Team CJ Vehicle Sales Division, we are scouring the country looking for the type of cars that we sell. In reality, this means we are looking to buy Jaguars of every conceivable shape, size and condition. Although we prefer to purchase cars outright, we will also accept quality consignments from people looking to sell their Jaguar at a realistic market price. At this time we are particularly interested in acquiring E Types and XK sports models. Having said that, if you have any Jaguar that you are ready to sell, please contact our Team CJ Sales Division without delay.

Telephone: (512) 288 8800
Fax: (512) 288 9216

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