The Team CJ Race Car
1967 E Type roadster


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

To build the fastest 6 cylinder E Type on the planet - no holds barred!

As you can see, the Team CJ race car is now back at Classic Jaguar in Austin, Texas. Kudos to Predator Performance in Florida, where Wavy Hinton and Larry Ligas are the best in the business when it comes to building racing E Types. They really have done a superb job for me with the Team CJ race car and I am extremely grateful to them. If you are considering having a racing E Type built, you should contact Wavy immediately! His email address is:

What you see below is basically an E Type racer in kit form. One of these I hope to find time to put it all together!

Kit form race car in the
Team CJ Coachworks!
Beautiful aluminium panels
made by Predator
I guess the car will run on its owner
The office!
I love the trans tunnel
Wavy Hinton fabricated
 Cool aluminium doors
Lots of Team CJ products
will be used on the car
 First job will be the
bodywork and paint

The following photographs show the work done by Wavy Hinton and Larry Ligas at Predator Performance in Florida. For more information about the great services that Predator offer please contact Wavy Hinton at:

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