Team CJ Coachworks
The finest Classic Car body restoration in the world

At Classic Jaguar we produce restorations of truly breathtaking quality. As one of the world's leading E Type restorers, we continually strive to raise the bar and become the standard by which all other restorers are judged. In fact, we have only one standard - perfection in everything that we do.
In the past you could only benefit from our coachbuilding skills if you had entrusted your car to Classic Jaguar for a full blown restoration. Recognizing that more and more enthusiasts are undertaking restorations at home, and that the bodywork aspect of the restoration is beyond the capabilities of the vast majority, we have decided to open our doors to those customers that only need help with certain stages of their projects - in this case, the bodywork. From the replacement or repair of a single panel, to the full restoration and painting of an entire car, Team CJ Coachworks is here to assist you.
The foundation stone of any top quality restoration is of course the bodyshell. There can be no other classic car where this applies more than in the case of the E Type Jaguar. The structural integrity of an E Type relies heavily on a number of hidden box sections so often ignored during the course of lesser restorations. A Team CJ Coachworks restoration involves far more than a skin deep make-over. We strip every bodyshell to its barest fundamentals, investigating, replacing and treating every single square inch of the structure. The finished article is not merely restored - it is significantly better than new.
Some of the industry's leading restoration craftsmen bring decades of coachbuilding experience to our Team CJ Coachworks division. We have the proven ability to construct entire bodyshells from scratch and we make complex body panel replacement look routine. It is this level of expertise and experience that we are proud to offer to all our Team CJ Coachworks customers. From basic floor and sill replacement to the fabrication of a complete one-off body, you know that your treasured classic car could not be in more skilled hands.
It would be understandable if you thought that such incredible quality and craftsmanship might be beyond your financial reach. In reality, however, a Team CJ Coachworks restoration costs far less than you might think. Certainly there are many hours of labour involved in a restoration of this quality, but our unparalleled experience ensures that not a single hour is wasted or unreasonably billed. Every invoiced hour is fully explained in minute detail and we may even make a substantial contribution towards the cost of transporting your car to and from our Team CJ headquarters in Austin, Texas. We will also try to be flexible with the pace of your project, working within your given budget and schedule guidelines.
Classic Jaguar is the only restorer in the world to contemporaneously chronicle some of our restorations on our webpage. We think such openness demonstrates the absolute faith we have in the skill and efficiency of the craftsmen we have on our team. If you would like us to feature the restoration of your own classic car on our webpage, you only have to ask. This free service is just one of many things which sets us apart from our competition.
The finest Jaguar body restoration in the world really is within your reach - just an email or telephone call away. For more information on how we can be of service to you, whether you need a new door skin or a total Pebble Beach quality restoration, please contact Dan Mooney on (512) 288 8800.

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