1971 E Type FHC (TC)
Repaint, interior replacement, mechanical assembly


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Full repaint and color change to Opalescent Silver Grey, mechanical re-assembly, new Suffolk & Turley interior...



All outer panels now painted Opalescent Silver Grey..

Applying the first of the Opalescent Silver Grey paint..

Painting behind the headlamps
Underside of floors coated with rocker guard and
painted Opalescent Silver Grey

Underside of the bonnet also painted
Outer panels will be painted early next week

I am pleased to report that we have now completed the rust repairs, and all of the heavy bodywork, and your car has been coated with Evercoat Super Build primer surfacer. Although this is obviously not a total restoration, we spent some time significantly improving the panel fit throughout the car.



Your seats have been enjoying some 5 star treatment in the trim room..






Oscar has been steadily working his way around your car, eliminating rusted areas and unwanted holes..

 Bonnet wing emblems had been mounted several times
in a variety of positions



 Both doors have some rust issues


We have now stripped all the old paint and materials from the outer panels. Several areas had lots of bondo hiding old accodent damage, as well as a few areas of rust that will have to be dealt with prior to the repainting process.















Tear down underway....









I am pleased to report that we now have this new project underway. I hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages!

 Engine bay will be completely stripped for 
color change repaint



 Left hand headlamp scoop has been attached to 
the surrounding sheet metal with bondo
 A new Suffolk & Turley interior will be installed after 
painting process has been completed


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