1973 V12 roadster (TA)
Mechanical rebuild and upgrade


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Major mechanical rebuild including engine, carbs, suspension, cooling, brakes, ignition and a conversion from automatic to a manual CJ5 five speed



Opening report - February 21, 2007


Radiator fan shroud cleaned up nicely
New heater box assembled and 
Pedal box and new master
cylinders installed


We will have to replace your heater box, which is rotten. Other than that, reassembly is continuing at a steady pace!

Going back together with the front suspension and brakes....

New rotors...
Poly bushings
Booster rebuilt

As you can see, we have now refinished the firewall and begun the reassembly process.

Stripping all the old paint
Sealing with epoxy primer
Carlos applying the Old 
English White base coat
Moises reinstalling your engine
New Grade 8 fasteners will be used 
during the reassembly process


Over the last couple of days we have been carrying out some essential repairs to the lower firewall and LH forward jacking point.

 Car placed on a roll-around jig
to carry out firewall repairs
Cutting away the rusted area 
 Front jacking point beneath the
car was also corroded
Jacking point cut away 
 Jacking point was repaired first
 Trial fitting the newly fabricated
repair panel
 Good as new
 Now to address the other side
Corroded lower edge cut away 
This panel has suspicious 
 Reverse side of the 'suspicious' panel
Side frame mount looks sturdy 
We acid washed then coated inner
section with Body Wax
 Trial fitting a newly fabricated 
Making the repair panel for the 
lower firewall 
 Trial fitting
Firewall repairs completed 
 Frames have been blasted and 
 Remmber how nasty they looked
last week?
 IRS rebuild underway
 Items for blasting and powder 
 Front suspension going 
back together

Having found some significant rust in the lower firewall bulkhead panels, we had to remove the engine frames in order to effect a proper repair. Having gone this far, we decided it would be a shame not to blast and refinish the frames...and to clean up and repaint the firewall...
Engine now completely disassembled
Engine bay will receive a new harness
Gauges will be rebuilt
Seat will be modified to
accomodate a tall driver
Nasty rust damage in lower
Fuel lines are crushed
Manifolds will be Jet Hot
Frames will be blasted and
Firewall will be stripped

Yet another great E Type project getting underway in the CJ workshop!


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