1956 XK 140 MC roadster (SZ)
Total Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Another total CJ restoration to be finished in silver with red Suffolk & Turley hides and a host of Team CJ performance and reliability upgrades, including a CJ5 transmission, uprated brakes, cooling, ignition, suspension, etc, etc.


I am pleased to report that this restoration has now been completed and your car will be heading North in the next few days!


Sorry to hear Miss Justine has been a little unwell. Here are a couple of photos to cheer her up!


All that remains is to install the convertible top...

 Seat belts installed
 New canvas conv top
 New jack in place under the
spare tire floor
Still waiting for the 'door lock' knob
for the driver's door


Installing the padded crash roll on the door tops...


Lots of progress in the last few days. We have repaired all the metal work and trim for the side screens and submitted the relevant parts for chrome plating. With the grill now installed, all we are lacking up front is the grill badge and bulbs for the new headlamps, both of which are on order.

 Grill and bonnet spear now
Side screen framework took a lot
of straightening!
Side screen frames paint OEM grey 
 New canvas for side screens
New Lexan windows 

Wiring in the lamps...
Fog lamps now installed
Boot courtesy lamp and license
plate lamps now working
Still waiting for headlamp bulbs

Installing the front bumpers, bonnet, etc...



Installing the rear bumpers, license plate panel, etc...



Installing the leather crash roll around the cockpit...

Sam had the front roll installed before
I got a chance to take any photos...
Tack strip is trimmed in place -note right
side has yet to be trimmed
Finished result is absolutely beautiful


Time to install the new Suffolk & Turley interior...

Pedals are masked off for the
spraying of glue
Carpets are glued to the firewall
Rear bulkhhead is trimmed in a mixture 
of hardura and moquette
Next we will be trimming and installing
the crash roll...

Assembling and installing the new front screens....

Installing new screens
All lighting now installed
 New windscreen fits beautifully!

We now have the chrome plating back and will be firing your engine early next week.



Gathering chrome together for replating, new floor boards and a new steering wheel....

Great to finally meet you yesterday - and I am glad you liked your car!

Assembling the center dash panel
Beautifully trimmed out in hide
Gorgeous Suffolk & Turley interior kit
Seats were trimmed by Eric Suffolk 

The engine bay is rapidly filling up...

Beautiful Ron Davis radiator now
Rebuilt carbs
Vacuum line to aftermarket
brake booster
 Booster up inside LH front
wheel arch
Vacuum reservoir up above the
battery box
View up through battery box


Time to install the body onto the chassis! I am pleased to say the operation went smoothly and your car is now a "roller" again, after many years in pieces. The wheels and tires currently installed are just old slave E Type wheels.

Engine and transmission installed
CJ5 five speed, of course!
Body waits in the background...
Lowering the body onto the chassis
Everything lined up perfectly
Looking like a car for the first
time in decades!


I know you are away on vacation, but just in case you have access to the Internet, I though you might like to see pictures of your completed engine rebuild 

 HP harmonic balancer installed
Upgraded composite head gasket 
CC'ing the cylinder head
 Re-ground Stage One cams
Tappet hold down kit applied to 
exhaust side 
 Carbs rebuilt
 Sorry, this one got a bit blurred!
Famous C Type valve covers 
More engine progress....
Measuring the deck height
Calculating piston dome volume
Piston 1" below deck surface
Rebuilt rods
ARP rod bolts
Pistons now installed
Brass galley plugs clean up nicely!
Distributor drive installed
Teflon front seal, new oil pump, etc

Over the next few days we will be building your engine...

Painting inside the block with
Installing the new freeze plugs
Pressure plate was balanced
with CJ alloy flywheel
Crank has been ground and balanced

We have now completed the painting of the body and doors. This afternoon we will be painting the bonnet, boot lid and rear wings.



Painting progress.....

Although tricky to photograph, the following sequence shows us rock guarding, sealing, then painting the underside of the bodyshell.


The following pictures show the etch priming of the underside of the boot lid, bonnet and doors, as well as the painting of the inside of the rear wings. We are gearing up to do the main silver shoot in the next few days. Watch this space!


The first of the silver paint being applied...


Time to paint the cabin, engine bay, boot compartment, inner wings and the underside of the floors. I have to dash to an appointment this afternoon but will put some photos of the silver up for you first thing in the morning!

Outer panels being masked
Applying sealer to the cabin
Boot compartment is also sealed
with epoxy primer
Sealer was tinted silver
Inner wings have rock guard applied
before base coat

The Slick Sand has been blocked and your car has now been primed. Next it will be sanded with 400 dry, 600 wet, then it will be time for some silver!



Building up the chassis....
Installing the new fuel pump and
fabricating new lines...
Trial fitting new fuel tank

The filler stage has now been completed and the Slick Sand was applied earlier this afternoon. LT has now completed his work with your car - which has now entered the prep and painting stage.

The following photographs show Lawrence creating lots of dust - and the best XK boot lid fit you will ever see...

I am pleased to report that all the sheet metal and leadwork has now been completed and we are about to get started with the filler and block work. The car will be sealed with etching primer later this afternoon.


We have been busy fabricating and running all your hydraulic lines and installing the Wilwood front brakes, Koni shocks, etc.

E Type uprights, hubs and rotors allow 
us to use Wilwood brakes
Braided brake lines thro'out
Huge improvement over original
brake drums
Rear Konis installed
Front to rear hydraulic lines run
down side of chassis


The passenger door was solid and only required fairly basic repairs, although the driver's door ended up being much worse than we had originally thought and LT ended up making a complete new door....
Passenger door repaired and installed
Disassembling the driver's door
LT demonstrates how weak the
inner panels are
New door bottom fabricated
New latch panel fabricated
Making a card template for
the new door skin
Hammering out the complex shape
at the door top
Shaping the new skin
New inner door top fabricated
Reassembling the new door
The finished article
Lead loading back underway

We now have the lead loading well underway....


Moving to the other side of the car for the last significant sheet metal replacement before attacking the lead loading.
 Fabricating repair panel for
front edge of LH rear wing
The old one was in poor condition 
 Lead loading the repaired area
Installing the repaired wing

Front RH wing repairs completed and welded into place, RH B pillar fabricated and installed, lead loading begun...

Time to weld the RH wing in place
Captive nuts are welded to new
structure first
Job done!
B pillar panel we made earlier..
Starting to look like a car again!
First of the lead loading begins
RH door gap starting to take shape
Leaded areas etch primed
 Before being bolted back in place


The following photos show rust repairs on the top of both front wings and the fabrication and beading of a new RH wing, etc.


Rust under the lamp pod of the LH wing
Rust cut out, new panel formed
and welded in place
LH wing now repaired
Similar corrosion dealt with on RH ing
Lower valance was also repaired
Headlamp pod was extensively rebuilt
Cutting out the vent hole for the
RH footwell
Installing the beading to the edge
of the newly fabricated RH wing
Beading adds strength to the wing and
helps it keep its shape
Ready to install on the car!

Lots of great progress this week. Basically, a completely rebuilt firewall and inner A post structure.

 LT hard at work
New sheet metal virtually 
The view from the clutch pedal
Etch priming before moving
to the other side of the car
RH side A post just as nasty
Origami with steel...
Trial fiting the newly fabricated
front wing repair panel
Look for more next week!

Reconstructing your firewall and inner A post structures....

Starting to rebuild the inner
A post structures
Flashback to how they were....
Starting to look much better
The hinge on the left had been
badly repaired
We cut it apart and re-welded
Everything now lines up
as it should
LH inner A post starting to
take shape
Rusty panel at bottom left will
be cut away....
As will the upper LH firewall
Offending panel has now been
RH firewall will need help
as well
Fabricating a new panel for
upper LH firewall
Frabricating LH firewall
Trial fitting
More soon!

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Andrew! The following pictures show the fabrication and installation of the main floors.
The braces are spot welded
into place
Trial fitting the new floor
Starting to spot weld the new
floor to the sills

The rear bulkhead and upper floor has now been reconstructed and LT has turned his attention to the main cabin floor, the front wings, the main (forward) bulkhead and inner A post structures.

 New rear bulkhead now in place
 Finishing up the welding beneath
the rear floor
The view from the other side.... 
 Removing front wings from
forward bulkhead
Trans tunnel has some
Frankenstein repairs
 Inner wing panel has been removed,
probably to accommodate triple carbs
 Both front wings will need
One (this one) is worse than
the other....
A Posts have also been subjected
to some crude repairs
 Most of this wing will be cut
away and replaced
 Making card templates for new wing
Starting point for new main floor 
Driveshaft tunnel is formed
More soon!
More card templates..

Lots more panels being fabricated and welded into place....

Upper leading edge of LH rear
wing was corroded
Fabricating a new LH B pillar
Support braces for inner LH
B post
RH B post also installed
New panel fabricated for RH
rear wing repair
Trial fitting
Making a complete new rear/upper 
floor and bulkhead
The side braces for the new
Trial fitting...

Your weekend photo fix 
This is not your bootlid. Yours is
missing the bracket marked 'A'
This is your bootlid. Note missing
LT made you a pair of new brackets
Primed and installed, good
as new
The next area of rust to
be tackled
New radiator finally arrived



Video clip, by special request....

More sheet metal replacement...
Finishing off the left side
Making a replacement panel
for the RH side
That panel now installed
RH side wall now in place
Fabricating a new boot floor
Original boot lid catch cleaned up 
and installed on new side wall
Boot floor now better than new

I am pleased to report that we now have the sheet metal replacement well underway, as well as pushing ahead and rebuilding some of the major mechanical components, such as the rear axle and suspension. I hope you enjoy watching as the rust is cut away and new panels are fabricated and welded into place!

LH inner rear wing is rusty
and will be replaced
Rust exposed when the boot 
side walls are removed
Starting to fabricate the various
boot compartment panels
Shaping the panel for
inner wing repair
Initial trial fit
Rusty original side panels
Newly fabricated replacements
Compare to photo above!
More new sheet metal
Diff completely rebuilt
Rebuilt axle and new leaf
springs now installed
Making a new rear license 
plate panel
Shaping the lic plate panel
Newly fabricated side wall
supports welded in place
Ready to install new license
plate panel
Welding new side walls into


We have now completely torn down your engine and we found that it had not been run since it was 'freshened' some years ago. It had new rod and main bearings, new rings and the cylinders had been honed, although it had not been rebuilt in the true sense of the word. The valves were original and the pistons, timing chains and chain guides were all used. In any event, we not have a complete Stage One CJ engine rebuild underway.
Pistons 0.030" oversized
Head had ben cleaned up but
not rebuilt
Notice old chain guide
Rings had been renewed
Bearings had been replaced

I am pleased to report that earlier today I took delivery of the last few bits and pieces, including the engine and transmission. I will tear down and inspect the engine next week. The transmission will be set aside for some future owner 

Original matching number engine
about to be torn down
Last few bits and pieces have 
now been delivered
Original matching number close
ratio gearbox


I am pleased to report that we have already started assembling the front suspension and have also etch primed the body panels to protect them until we are ready to start the body restoration.

Starting to build up the front
This car will have Koni shocks
all round
Steering rack rebuilt and
E Type uprights were first
Then painted..
New 60 spoke Daytons
Body panels etch primed
This will protect them until we 
are ready to work on them

Having removed the body from the chassis, we then cut out the cabin floor, as that was going to be replaced anyway. We then removed the rocker panels and the RH shut face panel, both of which turned out to be brand new (just surface rusted).

We removed (and cleaned up) the
body tag before blasting
Body separated from the chassis
Cabin floor is going to be
The rocker panels and RH shut
panel are brand new
 Time to strip the chassis
Body off to the blasters 
Chassis was pretty grimy
First is was de-greased...
Then pressure washed...
Chassis number on LH
side of frame
 Painting the chassis (the light colored 
areas are etching primer)
Painted chassis baking in the 
Texas sunshine!
Body back from blasting
Body will be etch primed later today

The Leopard skins were apparently a gift from the King of Botswana to a previous owner who was using 
the car in Africa while working as a reporter with the National Geographic magazine

I am delighted to report that the body and rolling chassis arrived at CJ yesterday evening. This afternoon I took delivery of the bonnet, doors and boot lid. Tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment to receive the engine, transmission, chrome trim.....and the leopard skin trimmed seats 

As you can see in the photos, the steel panels are covered in superficial surface rust because it was never sealed/primed after being sand blasted a few years back. The overall condition is very much as expected, however, and in fact much the same as the other XK 140 currently receiving the full treatment in the CJ Coachworks. The chassis, which is in excellent condition, was apparently powder coated while the body was removed for blasting.

If it isn't too late when I have all the remaining components unloaded tomorrow afternoon, I will try to send a few more pictures up to the webpage for you then. Otherwise, look for a full update on Monday!

Superficial surface rust makes body
look worse than it is
 Note factory lead around lamp pods
Chassis is in excellent condition
Chassis # stamped on front
 Boot lid is in excellent shape
Underside of boot lid
Passenger door is also exceptional
Driver's door not quite as good
Bonnet is excellent
Steel panels will all be blasted
back to shiny bare metal

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