Team CJ Suspension Systems

Team CJ suspension upgrades are the envy of the industry. For two decades we have been setting new standards with the quality and performance of our suspension components. From our beautifully engineered torsion bars to our in-house designed billet steering rack mounts, there are no higher quality or better performing suspension components available for your E Type Jaguar.
Team CJ suspension components can be found in some of the most competitive racing Jaguars in the world, including the awesome creations of Rob Beere Racing Services in the the United Kingdom and some of the fastest racing E Types in the United States. If we don't offer a suspension component, your Jaguar doesn't need it.

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Classic Jaguar is proud to have been appointed North American distributor for Jaguar KONI shock absorbers.

 Team CJ bronze 
IRS bushings
KONI shock absorbers
 Team CJ coil springs

Uprated engine
Team CJ Billet aluminium
rack mounts
Team CJ
fulcrum shafts

Team CJ IRS tie plates
Team CJ uprated 
torsion bars

 Beere adjustable 
reaction plates
Team CJ heavy duty
sway bar kits

Other categories of performance and upgraded parts