In the studio with a Team CJ 66 FHC
Rhapsody In Blue

The following photographs were taken on June 21, 2001 in Gary Russ' superb studios in Austin, Texas.

It is difficult to do Gary's photographic skills justice due to the fact that I have had to dramatically reformat his work in order to display examples on the webpage. Nonetheless, I think you can see enough to tell that Gary did a sensational job!

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Report - June 21, 2001
I snapped the following pictures during the photographic session. We were there to get brochure and poster shots of a recently finished Team CJ 66 FHC. Some of the photographs (not the ones below!) were truly stunning...pure art, in fact.

It was amazing how much skill and effort went into each shot. One particular picture that I was looking for was a bird's eye view of the rear of the car. This single shot took 3 hours to achieve the exact look I wanted.

The professional pictures will be published in the next few days.


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