A letter from Steve Moore.............
and the story of a great 1962 racing E

Hi Dan,

We live in Toronto Canada and have raced our XKE on the East Coast, mostly with SVRA in group 6 & VARAC, VSCCA, VSCDA and most recently as a GT Car in CASC.

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Our car is one of the first 500 made, all original steel body with no mods to the body. We run a 3.8L with webers, no dry sump and the original transmission. Our car was first raced in 1986, when rules allowed only what was available in 1962 to be used on the car as they were raced then.  We have been very successful in vintage racing with the car, winning the Pittsburg VGP outright 4times, the VARAC Festival 5 times. We have also run the car in Group 6 with SVRA, against 4.2L Jags with Aluminum or fiberglass bodies with HUGE tires and HUGE brakes. But we always seem to finish in the top three in class and enjoy doing it with less. However with the cars now being Historic Racers, we find ourselves not            competitive, but too fast when we run Vintage events.

Last year I ran the car in GT with new Camaros, Mustangs, RX-7s we were competitive but this is too hard on the car, after all its now 38yrs old. So we decided we either had to turn our XKE into a Modsport or find a new car to race. Who wouldnt love to race a D-Type or C-Type, but realistically who can afford these $1 million dollar classics? My father is a Jaguar fanatic, so we decided to try and find a Lister Jaguar sportsracer. I enjoyed reading some of your stories, especially the Terry's Jag battle with the IROC Camaro. I've attached a couple of pictures of our car. The first one is Shannonville 1990, where I raced against Murray Smith in his Aston Martin DB4 and Jack Cowle in a Ferrari GTO. The 2nd picture shows our car at Mosport, setting the Vintage Production Sportscar Lap Record.

Yours in Jags, Steve

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