1973 Series One Jaguar XJ6
Formerly owned by Frank and Barbara Sinatra


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Full repaint, engine rebuild, major mechanical overhaul, re-plate brightwork, interior restoration, new burr walnut veneers, etc. 

In 1972, Zeppo and Barbara Marx divorced. At that time, Barbara and Frank Sinatra were already close friends. Apparently, as part of the divorce settlement, Zeppo agreed to have Barbara keep the 1969 Jaguar XKE he had bought her. Frank Sinatra decided to upgrade Barbara's 1969 Jaguar to the latest model, and this 1973 Jaguar XJ6 is the car that Frank bought for Barbara. The Sinatras owned the car from 1973 until 1985.



As we get this fun project underway, our first task is to remove the glass, bright work and interior....

 Starting point for the project is a 100% rust free Jaguar XJ6
 Original hides will be retained, seats will receive
new cushions and stuffing

 Bright work will be replated
I like to imagine Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr back here
after a night on the town with the Sinatras!

 Gerardo adjusting the boot lid fit from inside
the boot compartment

 Fit now much improved, Gerardo receiving treatment
for his claustrophobia
 A new Triplex windscreen will be installed

 Original Derrington wheel will be used
 Door cappings will be veneered to exactly match new
burr walnut dash veneer

 Left front wing had to be removed to gain access to driver's
door hinge, which required servicing


Only one repainr, very little material to remove

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