1969 E Type roadster (George S)
Classic Jaguar Service Department


As part of a new initiative we are going to be showing you some of the work that goes on in the CJ Workshops other than the total restorations that we are known for. 

In this particular case, our long time friend and customer, George S, asked us if he could work alongside a CJ technician during the installation of his new CJ5 five speed transmission. Unfortunately, while the engine was out, George contracted a nasty case of shipright's disease and decided to have us upgrade the front suspension, brakes, steering, IRS, etc, etc.



Update report - May 22, 2006

I am pleased to report that your IRS has now been completely rebuilt and is going back under the car this afternoon.
Rebuilding the differential
As grimy as could be!
Powder coated cage
Going back under the car
earlier today


What started as a simple CJ5 five speed installation has turned into a front suspension rebuild, brake upgrade, IRS rebuild, etc, etc, etc. George has been happliy cutting and bruising his knuckles, working alongside CJ senior technician Ray Silkwood.

George giving his engine bay a
bit of a spruce up
New CJ5 transmission is the 
reason George's car is at CJ
Front suspension removed for
Poly bushings, new rotors, etc
CJ sway bar also installed, along
with billet rack mounts, etc
Next week, IRS rebuild
Stopping power now provided
by Wilwood 4 piston calipers
 Engine and CJ5 now installed


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