1971 V12 2+2 (SD)
Partial (rolling) restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This E Type will receive a total body restoration and be delivered to the customer as a rolling, partially assembled car. Customer building and installing his own engine, transmission, etc...



Update report - April 18, 2009

I am pleased to report that your E Type is now ready for collection. We have gone as far as we can go without the engine and transmission, which of course you will be installing yourself. You will need to adjust the front ride height once the engine has been installed, and of course the rear suspension will settle as soon you take the car on its maiden voyage. I'm sure you will enjoy putting the finishing touches to this beautiful car.








Installing electric windows, retrimming the rear luggage compartment..

Door frames had to be modified to
accommodate electric window lifts
Plenty of room for the groceries


We have now installed your windshield and the majority of the chrome and brightwork, as well as completed the restoration of your front seats.



It is now time to install the window frames and new glass, and we have also begun installing your new interior.

Seats stripped down, frames are
blasted and painted
Trimming out rear seat base
Custom light grey hides are nice compliment
to Opalescent Maroon paintwork
Carlos trimming the upper folding section
of the rear seat back
New door mirror installed
Window frames and new glass being


The doors and bonnet have now been installed and we are in the process of wiring in the lights and the dash.



The front and rear suspensions have now been installed and the car is back on it wheels...


I am pleased to report that we painted the bodyshell and the doors yesterday evening and I could not be more pleased with the finished results. I hope you agree!

Painting in progress yesterday evening
Opalescent Maroon looks beautiful
Outside in the Texas sunshine this morning

We have now painted the underside and interior and we will be painting all the outer panels in the next few days.


More Opalescent Maroon...



We have now applied the first of your Opalescent Maroon paint (to the engine frames). In the next week or so we will be painting the underside of the car and the cabin area, closely followed by all the outer panels.


Trial fitting your chrome and brightwork and installing custom headlamp covers.


I am pleased to report that we have completed the bodywork and your car has now been primed with Slick Sand. Over the next couple of weeks we will block the Slick Sand then apply high build final primer. We are getting close to needing a final decision on paint color!

 Sealed with epoxy primer
 Car now in Slick Sand
Rubber seals, latches and doors are 
installed for final blocking

Lots of progress in the coachworks...



More body restoration photos...

Wheel arch repair panel is first
tack welded into place
Installation is finished with the TIG
Panel fabricated earlier is then
welded into place
Cleaning the roof of the inner wheel
arch to bare metal
Sealed with epoxy primer


We now have your body restoration well under way.

Installing radius arm cups to 
new floors
Seams to be welded ar not primed
Installing new door skins
All inner box sections are coated with
Wurth Body Wax
Spot welding the floors into place
Both rear lower quarters are damaged
A repair panel is fabricated
Welded in place
Other lower qarter panel also needs help
The entire roof of the wheel arch will
be replaced
Fabricating some of the panels that
will be needed
RH outer wheel arch will be replaced
Making templates for the repair panels


This is how your gas tank looked once removed from the car. It is not something we would ever re-install here at CJ and we strongly recommend is that it should be replaced.


We have now completed the rebuild of your IRS and assembled your re-bushed/plated front suspension.




Nickel plated suspension and brake components

Back from the blasters - the news isn't too bad.....
More sunlight thank we would
like to see!
Both front floors will have to be
Air scoop under bonnet mouth
is pretty beaten up
Bonnet generally in good shape
Driver's doorskin will be replaced
Hinge frame is bent
Left side of car looks like it has
been in a gunfight
LH rear wheel arch has been 


Your car is now completely disassembled and almost ready for the dreaded media blasting process!


I am pleased to report that your car made the journey from California to Texas without incident and the work will be underway in the next few days. I hope you enjoy watching the restoration unfold in these pages!


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