FAQ - Bodywork

Applying stone guard to an E Type during the restoration process
One of the most commonly asked questions during the course of our body restorations is when and where to apply the stone guard we use to protect the undersides of the E Types we restore. The following photographs should explain our use of this product and hopefully give you some hints on how you might achieve professional results at home.

We use 3M Body Schutz with a smooth finish (different textures are available). Products with a coarse tend to attract dirt and grime.

If you have any further questions, contact us at techsupport@classicjaguar.com

This shot shows the general areas that
are covered beneath the car
Important to get up inside the IRS
mounting area - a famous rust trap
Mask off the radius arm cups

Trans tunnel gets the full treatment
Mask off exhaust hanger threads and
do not apply too thickly
This is now ready for body colour

Both front wheel arches receive
a coating of Schutz
And also along the front/lower edge 
of the bellypan
Again, body colour is applied
directly over the Schutz

If you end up with a finish like this, call me to discuss your salary requirements!

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