Job # 2095 (RW) - Jaguar 4.2 S2 E Type
Stock specification engine rebuild

Update report - August 25, 2014

Short block assembly underway...

Huge progress in the CJ machine shop with both the short block and the cylinder head...

Sizing pockets for new valve seats
Prepping new custom magnesium bronze guides for

Honing new guides for desired stem to guide

New CJ seats installed

Valve job underway

Head required all new tappet guides

Surfacing the exhaust flange

Surfacing the deck surface of the head

Bare head now fully machined and ready for

Head on the assembly bench

Align honing the main caps

Torque plate honing cylinders

Block now fully machined and ready for assembly

Another engine rebuild underway in the CJ machine shop...

Preparing to remove the engine in the CJ workshops
Bell housing tells a story

Transmission grenaded at 80 MPH
Cylinder head removed

Cam bearings scored

Valves in very poor shape

Corroded water jackets on intake flange
There are cracks between several cylinders

Cobbled together oil filter housing

Weld repairs to cylinder head

Removing old sleeves on the boring bar
Cutting counter bores for top hat liners

Repairing corrosion in intake flange

Magnaflux crack testing block


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