1965 E Type FHC (RP)
Major mechanical overhaul


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Major mechanical overhaul featuring a Stage One engine rebuild, CJ5/600 five speed, uprated brakes, suspension, cooling, ignition, AC...



Update report - October 31, 2014

Going back together with rebuilt front and rear suspension, new engine frames, etc..

Putting the finishing touches to another Stage One engine rebuild...

Align honing cam caps
Machining water jackets on mill after welding
Head machine work completed, ready for assembly
New tappet guides were installed
Head on the assembly bench
Assembling the short block
Block ready for the cylinder head
Cam covers have been repaired and polished


Repairing corroded water jackets in the cylinder head..

Welding water jackets in cyl head


Machining the engine block, dealing with several issues with cylinder head and oil pan..

 Timing chain cover will be replaced due to corrosion
 Measuring CJ forged pistons



 Torque plate cylinder hone in progress
Several issues will be addressed to remedy poor
quality repairs in the past



 Oil pan drain plug was stripped out
Drain plug hole is first welded up, then machine flat
on the end mill



Cutting new drain plug threads
Oil filter housing also has stripped threads that will
need to be repired



 Cleaning various items to be re-used during course of rebuild
 Head is warped and also has serious corrosion around
water jackets



Oil pan had been damaged and previously 'repaired' with 
Cracks visible on inside of oil pan



Welding cracks on outside of oil pan



Finished repair is virtually undetectable


Stage One engine rebuild underway in the CJ machine shop...

 Tearing down a very tired E Type engine
 Magnaflux testing block for cracks



 Machining out old liners
 Crankshaft oil galleys partially blocked



Water jacket at rear of engine 100% blocked


I am pleased to report that we now have this new project underway. I hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages!



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