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We recently acquired a collection of Road & Track magazines dating back almost 60 years. Check out some of the fascinating articles (and advertisements) we were reading about, back in the day...
March 1950

Cisitalia graced the front cover
Back page Jaguar ad
Clark Gable really loved his XK120
March 23, 2009

Within just a few hours of posting the 1950 Clark Gable article above, our friend and restoration customer Bill Kannawin sent me the following photos of Clark Gable's XK120 as it is today, on display in the Indianapolis Motor Museum. The car has apparently led a very sheltered life, having covered less than 6,400 miles since the day the keys were handed to Mr. Gable.

March 27, 2009

A couple of days ago I heard from another CJ customer, Doug Harroun, who saw the photos Bill Kannawin sent in of the Clark Gable car in the Indy Museum. The yellow car in the background won the very first Indianapolis 500 race in 1911. That car was driven by Ray Harroun, one of Doug's relatives. As an interesting aside, I am told that Ray Harroun's car was the first to use a rear view mirror.



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