1974 E Type roadster (RMC)
Total body restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Restore V12 E Type roadster bodyshell - customer will reassemble the car at home.


Update report - August 20, 2002

Another typical roadster body restoration for the guys in the Team CJ Coachworks. What looked to be a fairly solid starting point looks much worse after sand blasting. Unfortunately, this is almost always the case.

This bodyshell is in need of major restoration.

Notice daylight shining through the 
side panel in the footwell - not good
This is the LH rear arch
Rusted through where the LH
sill meets the rear wing
These are holes in the floor
More holes in the floor
This is the mounting point for the 
engine frame - rusted and weak
More rust through at RH B pillar and
the sill
RH rear arch is as bad as the left
Not good at the rear of the sill
either - note previous botched repairs
This is rusted through where the rear cage
mount up

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