1966 E Type roadster
Total restoration of matching number car

Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration of car that is to become a frequent driver.

Restoration documentation (2002/2004)


  Spring 2004
The car is due to be collected at 9am tomorrow morning and should be with you in the next few days. It has been our pleasure to build this beautiful E Type for you!




I thought you might like to see a video clip of your E Type's maiden voyage. The car is running exceptionally well and should be rejoining you in Indianapolis very soon!

Installing the convertible top (that I hope you never need to raise).




Assembling your seats
Better than new!
Your chair awaits!

Interior almost completed
New Dayton wire wheels

With spring just around the corner it is now time to install your new interior!

Click on the photograph below to witness the initial firing of your engine in the CJ Workshops! Notice the mechanical oil pressure gauge showing a healthy 50psi.

MJM wants to buy your car!

We are now literally just days away from the first road test of your car. The new steering wheel and matching knob from Saul Chaplin at British Auto Wood have now been installed and look great. The seats and centre console have been retrimmed in biscuit (the photographs don't show the colour very well because of the artificial lighting in the CJ trim room).

I'm not sure we have ever had an E Type go together as quickly as this one - I hope you are pleased with the progress!

Ray and Eric installing your new Triplex screen

Installing new SS exhaust
New washer bottle now
in place
Jet-Hot coated manifolds

New British Auto Wood
wheel and gear knob
 Dash top retrimmed
Seats now retrimmed 

As nice underneath as
they are on top!
Centre console treated to
new hides
New boot release

Installing new boot latch
Installing the boot lid
All gauges now installed

Release cable failed inspection!

Edging ever closer to that maiden voyage around the CJ carpark!

Bonnet now installed
Installing plug wires
Alternator shield

Wiring in the dashboard
New switches installed
Rebuilt wiper motor

A shame to cover the
gas tank up!
Installing new fuel pump

The engine bay starting to come together nicely!
Reservoirs were already fairly new and 
still in great condition

We made a new firewall
fuel line

 Plumbing in the sparks...
Installing the carbs.... 

Amazing to think that just a few days ago the car was still in primer! I hope you are pleased with the latest update report, Rick.

 Installing new HP dampner
CJ5 clutch disc and Team CJ
alloy flywheel
CJ5 five speed 

Installing the flywheel 
Gear reduction starter 
IRS now installed 

Installing door top chrome 
Sway bar reinforcement
blocks installed
Uprated CJ sway bar 

Stainless firewall heater
pipe kit
 New waterpump and side
mounted timing pointer
Braided oil line 

Restored heater box 
Installing the 5 speed 
Front raised to accept
the engine and trans

Engine installed from
Note uprated engine mounts 
Rear stabilizer mount 

Lowering car onto the
Just a battery tray, but
nobody said it shouldn't 
look nice!

 Installing the adj reaction
plate and CJ torsion bars
 Steering column goes in....
CJ5 installed 

A momentous occasion - your car has now been moved from the Team CJ Coachworks to an assembly area in the CJ workshops!
SUs now fully rebuilt
Nickel plated fuel rail
Engine frames painted 10/16

This is where your car will
be put together
 Time to install the engine
Almost time for the IRS... 

Mating the picture and
bonnet hinge frame
Bolting them to the side
Not forgetting to insert the
various suspension components

Horn brackets go on now
Grade 8 bolts throughout
Ground wires for horns
must be installed now

Lower control arms being
Rebuilt brake booster gets in
on the act
Easier to install the data 
plate before the fuel bowl

To be continued!
Brake union installed
Poly bushings throughout

We now have everything sanded and buffed and it is time to start bolting your car back together!
New boot badging
Installing sound deadening
material inside the doors
A close up of the material

Installing all the new or
rebuilt latches
Installing the rubber seals
Chrome has been replated

More chrome....
Window frames
Installing the RH door

Driver's door now installed
Rebuilding the carbs
Dashpots polished

Passenger door now
Installing the door handles
Carbs almost done

Time to paint you car at last. I hope you like the colour! We will be sanding and buffing the car today (and Monday), but I thought you might appreciate a sneak preview at what it will look like!
 Masking off the interior

Just about to sand and buff 

Actually darker than it
appears in booth lighting
Doors, bootlid, etc painted
off the car

 Body Shutz being applied
to front arches
Almost ready for some colour 
Inside of doors will be
painted at this stage.....

As well as the underside of
the deck lid
Door in epoxy primer 

 Boot lid in epoxy primer
 Bonnet is also sealed with
epoxy primer
Base will follow in about 
30 minutes..... 

 Opalescent Dark Green
More Opalescent Dark Green 
Clear coat being applied 

The colour looks beautiful!

At this stage we are painting the underside of your car, as well as the firewall, interior cabin and boot compartment. During the next couple of days the entire car will be repainted. I hope you enjoy watching it come together!
Applying epoxy primer
and in the boot compartment....
and in the interior

Underside now totally sealed
Time for some Opalescent Green
Boot compartment now green

As is the underside of
the floor
 Rear bulkhead is painted
and clear coated
 Boot floor gleaming
in the sunshine

Lots of progress with your car over the last week or so. We now have all the outer panels in high build, blockable primer and have begun the final blocking process. The current schedule looks like we will seal the entire body and apply the Opalescent Dark Green paint on Monday, September 22nd.

Final fit of chrome...

Looks as if you could almost
drive it away....

Chrome removed, photographed
and shipped to platers
More chrome to be
Gauges rebuilt and dash

Good as new!
Time for 2 coats of high
build primer

Boot lid also receives
a guide coat....
As do the doors
Bonnet is primed in the same
high build, blockable primer

Underside of bonnet also receives 
a great deal of attention

Since I posted the photographs yesterday, I have been asked to explain what is meant by the statement "block each panel in conjunction with its neighboring panel". The pictures below show Lawrence demonstrates how he uses an extra long blocking pad, blocking the front wing, cowl and door as one unit.

Every now and then he wipes the panel down with DX 330 (cleaning agent) which provides a temporary gloss and thereby highlights any imperfections or ripples. I am pleased to report that none were found during this inspection!

Perfect panel gaps
Remember the back edge
of the bonnet?

Each panel is blocked in
conjunction with its neighbor

Acid washing the inside of the 
bellypan prior to priming



RH wing now fits perfectly....

As does the cowl/centre section

A coat of Opalescent Dark Green
base prior to reassembly

Bonnet now going back together
Ducts are all loosely bolted, then
glued into place
Excess adhesive will be cut
away later

 Trial fitting stone guard

Ready for final body prep... 

At this stage we are trial fitting all the chrome and brightwork. Nothing very glamerous to photograph, but nonetheless a crucial part of any restoration. You can see from the pictures of the lights why we needed to buy new units!



 Bare metal shell moves
into the CJ booth
Mike priming the car 
Note Bonneville gas tank!

 Bodyshell now better than new 
Epoxy primer inside & out 
 Soon to be Opalescent 
Dark Green!

We have been making good progress with the body this week, preparing your car for paint. At the same time we have continued building various mechanical components so that the car can be back on all four wheels within a couple of days of turning Opalescent Dark Green.

At this stage you have to temporarily install the rubber seals and latches, etc, in order to ensure perfect panel gaps once the car is fully assembled.



 Stamping your new Team CJ 
picture frame

Welding and lead loading the nose
Making a new belly pan

Lawrence does like a spot weld!
Restored front wing goes into place


We now have your car ready for bead blasting. The engine is already at the machine shop and your front and rear suspensions have been torn down and their various component parts sent out for powder and nickel plating.
 Engine already at machine shop
Steering column was snapped 
Brake booster was full of fluid
John Claydon removing the interior
Every little helps!
Old frames are in the dumpster.. 

On the rotisserie for blasting..

Another typical Team CJ workshop project gets underway. This 1966 roadster has been butchered in the engine bay, both mechanically and structurally. We will be replacing the engine frames and a good portion of the lower bodywork, as well as rebuilding the car mechanically.
Time to take the engine out!
Not a moment too soon - really as bad
a structural repair as I have ever seen

The floors are poor, all the way
to the rear of the car

Horrific repairs to LH engine frame..
This flex pipe was crushed before it
got to the CJ Workshop.....

Engine out....
Throw out bearing completely worn away...

Rebuilt head????? No big valves here...

Badly damaged pistons

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