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At Classic Jaguar we have set our sights firmly on becoming the world's premier Jaguar performance parts specialist. To this end, we have invested a great deal of time and effort establishing a research and development programme that is second to none within the industry.
Team CJ high performance components are developed by or on behalf of Classic Jaguar. They are EXCLUSIVE to Classic Jaguar and cannot be purchased anywhere else in the United States (other than by specific license granted by Classic Jaguar). If a component bears the Team CJ logo, then you know it is a product of the best research and development programme in the industry.

Team CJ products are available in Europe either direct from Classic Jaguar or by an exclusive arrangement we have with Rob Beere Racing Services.

Our technical staff have at their disposal the same levels of high tech equipment more commonly reserved for high budget international racing teams. A 1200 HP dynamometer, in tandem with the most sophisticated diagnostic computer hardware available, allows the Team CJ research team to carry out exhaustive 'back to back' testing on every product that we manufacture and sell. If you buy a performance part for your Jaguar from us, you can be sure it has been through a rigorous programme of development, installation and real world testing.

We know that our performance parts fit, because we have installed them ourselves. We know that they work better than anything else on the market, because we have tested them against the very best that anyone else has to offer.

Owning and driving one of these magnificent cars is surely one of life's greatest thrills. Thanks to our relentless R&D programme, you may now drive these cars further, faster and with more confidence than ever before. We are making a lie of the myth about the notorious unreliability of classic Jaguars. The cars we build are not destined to travel the country on trailers. Our cars are rugged, high performance machines that would be just as happy towing the trailer.

The E Type Jaguar has been universally acclaimed as an 'all time great' since its introduction in the spring of 1961. Thanks in part to the Team CJ research and development programme at Classic Jaguar, these cars can still compete favorably with some of the best cars being produced today, almost forty years later.

Superbly engineered components from Classic Jaguar have given the E Type a new lease of life. They can now go faster, stop quicker, run cooler and handle better than Sir William Lyons and his team of engineers could ever have dreamed possible. Make a lie of the unreliability legend - with high performance Team CJ parts from Classic Jaguar.
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