1966 Jaguar E Type
Stage One HP cylinder head rebuild
Job # 1357

Engine number: 7E 6532-9
Report date - August 1, 2005

I am pleased to report that we have now completed your Stage One cylinder head rebuild. The head required straightening during the machining process and we also welded up and re-shaped the water jackets.

The port flow analyzer showed a significant increase in both flow and velocity. I have put the full before and after test results in the cylinder head crate.

Specification as follows:

Shim allocation:

Intake (set at 0.010")
#1 (.117) #2 (.118) #3 (.123) #4 (.125) #5 (.116) #6 (.114)

Exhaust (set at 0.010")
#1 (.132) #2 (.129) #3 (.136) #4 (.125) #5 (.135) #6 (.143)

Spring pressure:
Closed 90lbs - Open (.400 lift) 185lbs

Valve size:
Intake 1.87" Exhaust 1.625"

Combustion chamber capacity:

Camshaft specs:

Lobe lift (Int & Ex) - 0.436"
Running duration (Int & Ex) - 261 degrees
Duration @ 0.50" tappet height - 215 degrees
Valve lash 0.010" (intake and exhaust)


This cylinder head is being rebuilt to CJ Stage One HP specs for Roger Atkinson in Alberta, Canada. Check back from time to time to see pictures of the work as it progresses.

Every CJ cylinder head rebuild receives all new valves, valve seats, valve guides, tappets, cam studs, serrated lock washers and grade 8 fasteners, cam bearings, shims, springs, spring seats, split collets, spring retainers, valve seals. Additionally, Stage One HP heads also receive uprated cams, uprated valve springs, large intake valves and are flow bench tested before and after extensive polishing and porting.

I hope you enjoy watching this cylinder head come together!

The starting point
This head is actually an
excellent core
 Gathering the parts that will go
into this Stage One CJ rebuild

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