1965 Cobra Replica


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Bodywork and paint on a Factory Five Cobra replica


Another happy customer!

The body has now been sanded and buffed and is ready to go back on the chassis. The Viper GTS Blue paint looks awesome outside in the sunshine!


We had lots of fun last night striping and painting the car and could not be more pleased with the finished result!

Rocker guard under decklid
really helped
First we masked the car....
Then applied a coat of white
as a base for the silver
Viper Bright Silver
Starting to mark out the stripes
Look carefully...there are 3 people
in this photograph 
Deck lid was latched in place for
the striping process
Guillermo spent most of the day
laying out the stripes
Viper GTS Blue applied, masking
paper and tape removed
Applying the clear coat
Stripes came out very well
Orlando looking justifiably proud
of his efforts

Time to start applying the Viper GTS blue pearl paint - having first applied some 3M Rocker Guard on the inner panels to hide the fiberglass matting. We also painted the underside of the hood and the deck lid. Tomorrow we will apply the silver that will form the foundation for the stripes. All of the outer panels will be painted on Monday.

Fiberglass will be coated with 3M rocker 
guard and given a little body color...
Rocker guard is a big improvement
Applying first of the Viper GTS Blue

Lots of progress this week! We have now finished the plastic work on the main tub and already applied the Slick Sand. Orlando is no working on the bonnet (which is pretty rough) and the doors.

 Skim coating the front LH wing
Edge of rear cowl will be rounded
off to resemble the original
 Rounded rear edge now has more 
factory look
Applying Slick Sand to main tub 
A lot of work went into straightening
both front wings
 The bonnet has proved to be the
roughest part of the car so far


I am pleased to report that we now have the bodywork well underway. After carefully sanding the entire body with 80 grit paper, Orlando has already begun the filler and blocking stage.


This project will be getting underway in the next few days. Watch this space!

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