2001 Porsche Boxster S

Report date - June 28, 2003
Mileage: 11,155
If anyone is looking for a mint 2001 Boxster S, our fleet car is available. The deciding factor between the Boxster S and the Z4 was that I can't get my golf clubs in the Porsche! Other than this minor niggle, it is a great car and a fabulous performer.

[I have to sell it before Andy McCreadie puts too many miles on the clock! Since the Porsche arrived, Andy has been volunteering for any and all Team CJ errands!]

As I mentioned earlier, the car has been impeccably cared for by one fastidious owner from new and must be the nicest 2001 Boxster S anywhere. It is loaded down with options, as follows:

I can't find a used price guide that reflects all the options this particular car has, although Kelley Blue Book places the car at $45,580 retail or $41,325 for a private sale.

I am asking $37,000 - and might consider interesting trades (up or down)

Interested parties can contact me at Classic Jaguar on (512) 288 8800 or by email at: danmooney@classicjaguar.com

Report date - June 11, 2003
Mileage: 11,008
I am delighted to introduce another sporting addition to the CJ fleet, an absolutely mint condition 2001 Porsche Boxster S. In the short time I have spent behind the wheel so far, I have been very impressed with the strong performance and the symphonic howl that equates to about 7 grand on the tachometer.
Impressive brakes
Familiar Porsche nose
Looks good from any angle
6 speed is loads of fun
Interior superbly finished
I'm not sure which is faster between the Porsche and the Z4 - they are both exceedingly quick little cars - but I am going to have loads of fun trying to find out the answer to this question!

This car has been meticulously cared for by its first owner and is in absolutely flawless condition. It is as close to being a new car as you could possibly find. For the time being I will run the Porsche alongside the Z4, although ultimately, with the two cars being so similar in terms of concept and performance, I suspect one of them will be offered for sale in the not too distant future.

Dan Mooney
Team CJ

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