1971 E Type roadster (PL)
Major mechanical rebuild


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This E Type will receive a major mechanical rebuild in the CJ workshops. The engine, carbs, transmission, suspension, brakes, ignition and cooling systems will all be completely rebuilt.



Update report - November 11, 2009

I am pleased to report that the initial firing of your engine went very well with absolutely no issues. We are currently dealing with a real mess of wiring behind the dash...


Firing your rebuilt engine for the first time yesterday afternoon....

Installing your rebuilt engine and transmission....


We have now completed your engine rebuild and have also dealt with some severe corrosion at the right hand forward mounting point of the IRS cage. Next step will be to install the rebuilt IRS and put the car back on its four wheels.

Engine rebuild now complete
Front rh anchor pint for IRS cage
Cutting away corroded metal
Fabricating a repair panel

We decided we couldn't bring ourselves to bolt your new engine frames to the firewall the way it was....

 Firewall was very rough
Stripping old paint away 
 Not perfect, but much
more presentable!

Balancing crankshaft, assembling and installing rods and pistons...


We have now completed all the machine work and will be assembling your engine in the next few days...

 Cylinder head needed extensive repairs,
now completed
Crankshaft has been ground and 



 Block has been sleeved, align
and cylinder honed
 New engine frames have been


We have now repaired the surface of your cylinder head and reshaped the affected combustion chambers.

Rods have been rebuilt and
carefully balanced
Crankshaft dampner is badly damaged 
and will be upgraded
Scribing welded combustion chambers
using head gasket as template
Repaired chambers then re-shaped

IRS rebuild in progress, badly damaged cylinder head..

Cage and wishbones will be 
powder coated
Differential will be completely rebuilt
Shocks and springs look like they have 
been at the bottom of the ocean
Deck surface of cyl head is
badly damaged
Head will require extensive welding
before being surfaced


The first four photographs below show your damaged engine subframes, which were obviously in a very dangerous condition. We also have the rebuild of your engine, transmission, suspension and rear differential underway...

Lh engine frame was cracked 
clean through
Close up of crack in lh frame
Rh frame also in very dangerous
Horrible 'repairs' on lh frame
Front suspension being shipped out
for Nickel plating
Rear suspension rebuild well 
Cylinder head was seized to block,
typical on long stud S2 engines
Block now stripped with all the
corroded studs removed
Transmission rebuild in process


I am pleased to report that we now have this major mechanical rebuild underway. I hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages.



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