1968 E Type roadster (PM)
Classic Jaguar Service Department


As part of a new initiative we are going to be showing you some of the work that goes on in the CJ Workshops other than the total restorations that we are known for. 

In this particular case, we have been asked to complete a 1968 roadster that has been under restoration in various shops for the past six years. Our main task will be to rebuild the engine, upgrade the ignition and cooling systems, and install a CJ5 five speed transmission. The object is to provide our customer with a good, reliable driver.



Update report - April 7, 2006

I am delighted to report that we fired up and test ran your rebuilt engine yesterday and everything went perfectly. We hooked the car up to the gas analyser and fine tuned the carbs and ignition. If it wasn't for a bad clutch master cylinder, we would have already begun the road testing process. Unfortunately we did not have a replacement clutch master in stock so we will have to wait until Monday before we can start shaking the car down for you. It won't be long before you are driving it yourself  

Rebuilt engine running perfectly
Tuning the car on the gas analyser


The following photographs show the installation of your rebuilt engine and CJ5 five speed, as well as some new headers, adjustable reaction plate, etc, etc.

Installing the engine
Outer trans mount holes were
stripped out
Easily solved by dropping new
bolts thru from the top
Spin-on oil filter installed
Headers are a tight squeeze between
oil pan and torsion bars
New CJ cooling system
Installing your carbs

Your CJ engine rebuild is now complete and should be re-installed during the coming week.
Click here for detailed engine Blue Print



With the cylinder head removed the cause of your reported engine problem was clear to see. Basically, the pistons have been galling the cylinder walls because they were installed with insufficient skirt clearance. There are a number of other issues too, not least of which that the engine is actually from a 3.8 sedan. In the circumstances, we decided the best course of action was to set aside this particular engine and to rebuild a correct 4.2 E Type unit for you.

The machine work on the replacement block should be completed in the next few days and I will cover the impending rebuild in these pages.

With the head removed the cause
of your engine problem was revealed

Pistons were installed with 
insufficient skirt clearance
Pistons have been gouging the 
cylinder wall
3.8 sedan block will be replaced
with correct 4.2 E type unit
Damaged camshaft will be replaced
Rod bolts/nuts will be upgraded
during the rebuild


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