1965 E Type roadster (OS)
Stage One (rolling chassis) restoration 


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration to rolling chassis stage. Coachwork to be refinished in Opalescent Dark Blue.


I am pleased to report that your E Type is homeward bound! It is now time for you to put your own finishing touches to this beautiful roadster. Many thanks and best wishes from all of us at Classic Jaguar!



Installing your new canvas convertible top...
The view from within!


Installing the convertible top frame....

We have been busy installing those parts of the interior trim which have to be in plac before we can install the convertible top - something which should be completed early next week. Per your instructions, we have not installed any Dynamat on the rear bulkhead.
 Installing the Dynamat
 Installing the moquette
Both sills now trimmed out 

Installing the front bumpers....


It is time for the final push to finish our part of the project and get your car back to you so that you can get her ready for the show circuit! During the coming week we will be installing the Dynamat, front lamps and bumpers, and the convertible top, etc.

With the engine in place, the bonnet
has now been fitted and adjusted
Rear lights and bumpers now
 Windscreen and chrome trim installed


Your car has now been color sanded and buffed and is now back on its wheels. I tried to show in the photographs how straight the doors are, and how well they fit, although the pictures don't really do the car justice.

Back on all 4 wheels
Outside for some photos!
Opalescent looks good in the 
Note how straight the doors are

As you can see, we are now going back together with the front frames and suspension. We have been using your original, black anodized bolts where they can be seen, and new Grade 8 hardware down below. Your door glass arrived today and the Triplex window etching looks good, although one of the pieces of glass has a number of little chips on the upper edge. I don't know whether you are aware of this or not? Perhaps you could give us a call when you get a moment to discuss.


More beautiful Opalescent Dark Blue....

Yesterday your car turned Opalescent Dark Blue! The Glasurit paint is truly stunning in natural sunlight.

Painting in progress
Outside in the Texas sunshine

Undersealing and painting the underside of the floor.

After masking, we first apply
3M Rocker Guard
The Rocker Guard is then sealed
The sealer is tinted blue
Time for some opalescent
dark blue!

The inside of the cabin and the boot compartment have now been painted. Later today we will be refinishing the floor and the underside of the bonnet.
Applying the first of the Glasurit
base coat


We are painting inside the car this afternoon. Time permitting, I will upload some pictures of the Opalescent Dark Blue later this evening. Failing that, look for pictures first thing in the morning!
LT fabricated two new horn
The new brackets are spot welded
into place behind the headlamps
Seam sealing the cabin
All joints are sealed up prior
to painting process
 Wurth sprayable seam sealer
Watch this space!
Sealing the inside
Sealer is tinted blue

The following photographs show Sam trial fitting your chrome trim.

Your car is now in high build primer and the final sanding process will begin next week.

The filler stage has now been completed and your car is in Slick Sand and has the next round of blocking well underway. On Thursday or Friday of this week we will be applying two coats of high build primer, followed by yet more blocking.

We are currently scheduled to complete the final paintwork in about 2 weeks time.

First the body was acid washed....
Before being sealed with 2 coats of 
BASF etching primer
The darker color is guide coat
Panel fit is truly exceptional
Seals and latches are installed during
this round of blocking

I am pleased to report that all of the sheet metal work and lead loading is now 100% complete. The following photos show Lawrence lead loading around the boot opening and the fitting of the bootlid itself. The old factory lead was melted out and replaced as we had to re-work the rear apron anyway.

Next we will scuff the entire car and seal it with BASF etching primer before embarking on the filler and prep stage.

Melting old factory lead
Boot opening re-shaped in lead
Latch and seal is installed at
this stage
Rear apron was re-worked because
of old accident damage

Lawrence has been busy reassembling the bonnet and fitting it to your restored tub. He is currently finishing off the lead loading around the bootlid opening and at the top of the rear wings where they meet the upper cowl.
New CJ side frames installed
LT straightening out the bonnet
center section
Bellypan bulkhead was painted before 
we started assembly of bonnet
Bonnet being assemble in situ
Lead loading cowl fit
Filing off excess lead
Bonnet and door fit in sheet
metal and lead
Lead loading the rear cowl

Picture frame is badly pitted
Pin holes revealed by tapping ultra-thin 
sheet metal with a pick hammer
The solution....
 Panel had rusted through
from the inside
Cleaned, acid washed, primed
Body Wax
Shaping a replacement panel
Perfect fit!
Rear cowl will be replaced
Not as big a deal as it looks
New panel fabricated and
trial fitted

Installing the other floor and the outer sills....
 Applying Body wax to inner
sill area
 Trial fitting new driver's
 Outer sill spot welded into place
Drivers floor welded into place 
Installing the LH outer sill 


I am pleased to report that we have now begun the sheet metal repairs to your car. The following photographs show Lawrence installing inner sill repair panels, followed by a new cross-member and a new passenger side floor. I hope you enjoy watching as Lawrence does his thing over the next few weeks!
 First task is to repair
the inner sills
A panel is fabricated and
spot welded into place
Trial fitting and trimming the 
new passenger side floor
 Wurth Body Wax will protect the 
inside of the new cross-member
Inner sills were too good to replace, but 
needed new lower edge
Starting to spot weld the new
passenger floor into place
 Everything fits and lines
up beautifully
 Inner sill will be coated with
Body Wax before outer sill
is installed

The following photographs show your car after we cut away the outer sills, which were paper thin in places. We also removed the side cowl panels and the main floors, all of which will be replaced. After blasting the inner sill box sections, we carefully sealed the entire monocoque using BASF etching primer.

I am pleased to report that we now have your E Type back from being plastic media blasted. Next week, after spending a few hours with the industrial vacuum cleaner removing all the plastic beads from the various box sections, we will be scrubbing all the welds, seams and joints with acid in readiness for the bodywork ahead.

This project will be getting underway in earnest very soon!


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