1962 Jaguar Mk II (MW)
Major mechanical overhaul


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Major mechanical overhaul including Stage One cylinder head rebuild, aftermarket AC installation, automatic to five speed conversion, uprated suspension, uprated brakes, triple Weber carb conversion, etc.



Update report - May 27, 2014

We performed the following Dyno test earlier today after several break-in sessions on the rolling road. These are very healthy numbers for an air conditioned Mk II..

The engine bay is filling up rapidly and we are almost ready to fire up the engine start road testing..

Just waiting for a new waterpump before we
can fire the engine for the first time

Ryan got quite creative with the custom throttle
cable bracket
Putting finishing touches to dash wiring

Fabricating a new AC pipe that will allow us to install the rear Weber carb...



Suspension rebuilt and installed, brakes upgraded, engine and five speed transmission in place, AC installation underway...

Trimming hardtop for your 62 roadster
Engine now installed



AC duct work prevents installation of rear
Weber carb - solution in progress..



Rear suspension handling package installed
Front suspension has been completely rebuilt



Discreet under-dash AC vents
Central AC vents will sit beneath gauge panel


Cylinder head now ready for final assembly...

Head ready for assembly with all new custom stainless valves
The Isky cams you requested have arrived


Our port work has resulted in some significant gains on the flow bench

Weber manifold has been ported



Surfacing the cylinder head
Flow testing head after port work



 Baseline - intake
We picked up 53.5 cfm on the intake side



 Baseline - exhaust
Impressive 51.6 cfm gain on the exhaust side


Making room for triple Weber carbs in the engine bay of a Jaguar Mk II...

Inner fender support rail had to be notched



Complex shaped insert panel welded in place
Fabricating a recessed box to be fitted to inner wing







The intake valve seats previously installed were put in with insufficient press, so the seat pockets had to be welded and resized before new seats could be installed.




Custom CJ seats now installed
6 tappet guides were out of spec and have been replaced


Unfortunately, your (supposedly rebuilt) cylinder head is a bit of a disaster area. It obviously requires a complete rebuild, which is already underway.

Engine is out and receiving attention in the
CJ machine shop
Making a little extra room from a triple
Weber conversion



Head has obviously picked up some bumps and bruises
during an extended period of storage
# 5 cam cap will have to be replaced and the cam
saddles align honed



Tappet shim is wedged solid in aluminum spring retainer



Exhaust valves nowhere near seating
New seats are not installed all the way


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