1962 Jaguar E Type roadster - 876567


This beautiful 1962 flat floor E Type roadster was totally restored in the CJ Workshops over a 19 month period between July 2011 and February 2013. The starting point was a fully matching numbers car that was equipped with a welded louver bonnet and flat floors when new. During the course of the restoration the owner specified several modifications in the name of increased comfort and performance. These modifications included the installation of a footwell on the driver's side floor, as well as reclining seats from a V12 E Type.

We were careful to install the driver's footwell in such a way that it would be relatively straightforward to remove it and return the car to flat floor configuration should a subsequent owner choose to do so. Going back with the correct 3.8 style bucket seats would of course be a simple matter of unbolting the V12 seats and replacing them with a pair of 3.8 seats.

The car features numerous performance and reliability upgrades, including a Stage One engine rebuild, CJ 5 speed transmission, CJ headers and triple 45 DCOE Weber carbs, as well as uprated cooling, ignition, suspension and brakes. The original matching numbers gearbox is included in the sale. This E Type is very fast, fully sorted, and runs and drives impeccably!

This E Type is fantastic value and a blue chip investment at the asking price, which is significantly less than the cost of the restoration.

This vehicle is now sold, thank you

Inspections and test drives are welcome and actively encouraged. Call (512) 288 8800 or email with any questions or to make an appointment to view.

This vehicle is being sold as is, where is, with no warranty of any kind being offered. Clear, unencumbered title conveys to the new owner.

Restoration Log by Dan Mooney

February 2013 - another beautiful E Type ready for delivery!



Click on the photo below to see this E Type being put through its paces on the dyno.


This project is now complete, final road testing underway...









In the finishing straight on this project...




Trial fitting seat, as far back as the top frame will allow
Bonnet now installed and fitting beautifully



It is a hive of activity around your car today!


We now have the interior retrim well underway....

Distinctive straight rear bulkhead very apparent
in this shot



Trimming the seat bases
Contrasting dark green beading



Bottom edge of seat back is never seen - this photo demonstrates 
the level of workmanship and attention to detail


We will be firing the engine in the next few days, then it will be time to install the new interior...




We should be test firing your engine next week



S2 seats have dark green contrasting piping

Installing the engine and transmission....



Preparing to install the engine and transmission



 New windscreen also now installed



 Looking more like a car every day!


Installing the IRS...








Your car is progressing rapidly, just three weeks after painting...

The first of the replated chrome going into place
Both doors now installed



Later style washer bottole must be used with Webers



Dash wiring now virtually complete
IRS will be reinstalled on Monday morning


Your car is going together very nicely in the main CJ workshop....








Hardtop painted, reassembly underway...






Color sanding and buffing has now been completed. Next up, painting the hardtop...

 Your car looks absolutely fabulous in the sunlight





All of the outer panels, including the bonnet, have now been painted.

Artificial booth lighting doesn't show the color very well
Looks much greener in natural light...


We painted the main bodyshell on Friday evening and I am pleased to report that the finished result is spectacular.



We have now painted the underside of the car and will be painting the outer panels of the body this afternoon. The first few photos below show the textured rocker guard that we apply prior to painting the underside of the floors.

 Rocker guard being applied to floors






 Rocker guard also appled beneath the boot floor



 Pain curing in the Texas sunshine



 Restorastion of the hardtop underway


Painting the underside of the bonnet...



Applying the first of the new British Racing Green paint...


All important chrome trial fit in progress. We typically spend around 40 hours modifying and trial fitting the chrome. We also trial fit the windscreen and associated trim items.



The bodywork has now been completed and the car is in primer, almost ready for some British Racing Green!















Sheet metal and lead work has now been completed...






Check out your bonnet gap in sheet metal and lead...

An E Type bonnet gap doesn't get any better than this





Installing cowl side panel, lead loading...

Riley modifying the new side cowl panel



Trial fitting the panel in conjunction with door and bonnet



Wurth Body Wax applied to inner cowl
Panel welded in place - gaps shaping up nicely



Lead loading the welded seams



Hand filing the lead


Lead loading in progress...









Fabricating and installing repair panels, lead loading in progress...

 Wurth Body Wax sprayed inside box sections to be sealed
Repair panels fabricated for both sides of the car 



 Trial fitting
Panel first tack welded in position 



 Seam is then TIG welded



 After lead loading, repair was sealed
 Riley lead loading








More progress in the CJ Coachworks...

 LH bulkhead panels now welded in place



 LH outer sill now installed
 Riley lead loading welded seams beneath boot floor


Installing outer sills and bulkhead closing panels....

 Trial fitting RH outer sill
 More Wurth Body Wax



 New RH outer sill is spot welded to floor



 RH bulkhead finishing panels spot welded into place


Both doors have now been restored/reconstructed...

Fabricating new door top drain panels



New gutter drain panel now riveted in place
New door skins first spot welded in place



Flanges then hammered over and crimped flat





The following sequence of photos show how Riley reconstructed your right hand door frame...





Restoring rusty door frames...

 Drain hole and pipe in lower right corner of boot lid seal 
channel has rotted away
 New pipe fabricated and welded in place



 Both door frames are rusty



 Fabricating replacement panels for the bottoms of the
door frames



 New lip welded to bottom of left hand door
 Left hand door now ready for a new skin



RH door will need even more extensive repairs


The following sequence of photographs show Riley modifying and installing the new rear cowl panel...

Trial fitting new rear cowl panel
Panel will be modified for fit



Panel is trial fitted in conjunction with the boot lid



It is first spot welded in place in the convertible top 
tack strip channel



Seams will be lead loaded in due course


Fabricating and installing repair panels at either side of the rear license plate opening....

 Shaping the replacement panel on the wheel






 Welded joints will be lead loaded


Installing floors, inner sill braces, engine frame anchoring brackets, etc...

 Engine side frame anchor points welded in place



 Floors now fully welded in place
Wurth Body Wax applied inside rear floor brace 



 Rear floor brace now welded in place


Installing the new rear bulkhead and main floors...

Trial fitting new rear bulkhead
Spot welding bulkhead in place



Wurth Body Wax applied inside box sections that will
be enclosed once floors are installed



Trial fitting right and left floors
Spot welding floors together


The following sequence of photos show Riley installing your new floor cross-member...

Trial fitting new floor cross-member
On the inner edge it is welded to the trans tunnel



The outer edges of the new cross-member are spot
welded to the inner sills
With both new inner sills and the floor cross-member installed,
we are almost ready to install the new floors


Second inner sill installed, replacing corroded right hand trans tunnel side panel...

Right hand inner sill now spot welded in place



Replacing a corrdoded panel at rh side of trans tunnel



New panel now welded in place


Installing new inner sills...

Rear wheel arch sill closing panel required repair



Inner box sections generously coated with Wurth Body Wax
Left hand inner sill spot welded in place



Old right hand inner sill cut away...


Assembling the new bonnet, modifying floors to accept a footwell in such a way that the car can easily be returned to "flat floor" configuration at a later date, if desired....

Assembling the bonnet



Cutting out opening for driver's footwell



Footwell being bonded in place so that the car could
easily be returned to 'flat floor' status at a later date



A single spot weld in each corner of the footwell


Transplanting a pair of original welded bonnet louvers into a new bonnet center section.

Original louvers were removed from donor center section 
One vane was rusty and will have to be replaced



View of louvers from beneath
A replacement vane was fabricated and welded in place



 Pressed in louvers cut out of new bonnet center section



 Weld through primer applied
Louvers then spot welded in place 



 Finished result is identical to an original welded louver bonnet


IRS rebuild has now been completed...


Earlier today Ray began assembling your IRS...



As we prepare to get this particular body restoration underway, one of the first things we will be doing is transplanting a pair of original "welded louvers" into the new bonnet center section.

 New bonnet has been disassembled, stripped to bare metal and primed
 Original welded louvers will be transplanted into new bonnet center section

Your Stage One engine rebuild has now been completed and the finished result is a thing of beauty...



I am pleased to report that your cylinder head and short block have noiw been fully rebuilt and assembled.

Your short block has now been assembled
Note uprated ARP rod and main cap bolts



Head now fully rebuilt, painted in original spec Pumpkin Orange

Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop, including some huge gains on the flow bench following Chris Slubar's portwork.

Balancing crankshaft after grinding
Balanced to perfection!



Measuring deck height as part of compression
ratio calculation
Surfacing cylinder head deck



Measuring cc of combustion chamber (93.5)



Baseline flow test of intake runners (183 cfm)
After portwork, now flowing 242.3 cfm - a huge gain


Engine blockwork completed...

Align hone in progress
CJ top hat sleeves



First 3 sleeves installed
Block in cylinder hone machine



Surfacing the block



Chain cover surfaced with block
Valve covers repaired, sanded and polished

Stage One cylinder head rebuild in progress...

Baseline flow test
Heating head in oven prior to installing
oversized CJ valve seats



 This is an unusually clean, corrosion free head
New CJ seats installed at .005" press 

350 Nickel plated items, assembling front suspension, vented brakes etc...

 A total of 350 items were submitted for Nickel plating






 Assembling front suspension



 CJ vented brakes provide prodigious stopping power


Back from the blasters, no nasty surprises...

Monocoque has been blasted back to bare metal



Boot center section has been previously replaced and
will be saved
Door shells will need extensive surgery

We have now sourced you an original factory hardtop, complete with ultra-rare rear window chrome trim. We have also been busy restoring and rebuilding various mechanical components, as well as converting your pedal box to work with our exclusive upgraded brake master cylinder and servo system.

 We have sourced you a nice factory hardtop complete
with extremely rare rear window chrome trim



 Wiper motor date stamped Jan 62



 Pedal box has received CJ conversion for upgraded
master cylinder and servo application
 Upper and lower steering columns have been rebuilt

Your bodyshell has now been sent off to be blasted back to bare metal. In the mean time, the new parts continue to stack up...

A brand new bonnet from Jaguar
Weber manifold will be ported to match intake runners


Darrell has now begun cutting away the corroded and/or unwanted sheet metal, in preparation for the blasting process. Although this car is early enough that it would have originally been a flat floor and straight rear bulkhead car, we will be installing a dished rear bulkhead and slightly deeper than standard footwells, as well as a pair of reclining V12 seats, in order to provide more room and comfort for taller drivers.

3.8 buckets have been exchanged for reclining V12 seats
Seat frames will be blasted and painted prior to trimming



With the outer sills cut away, rust evident on inner sills
Straight rear bulkhead will be modified for greater seat 
travel/leg room



Cutting away rusty lower quarters
Cabin brace is installed to maintain monocoque integrity as 
more and more sheet metal is removed



Upgrading to mechanical oil pressure gauge and voltmeter


We already have your car on one of the rotisseries and will be having it blasted back to bare metal in the next few days. The body is actually better than expected, although unfortunately the bonnet is in poor enough condition that it makes more sense just to replace it with a brand new unit. As expensive as new bonnets are, we could easily sink 100 plus hours into repairing this bonnet.

As well as the body restoration, we also have the engine and suspension rebuilds underway.

Outer sills will be cut away prior to blasting back to bare metal
Door skins will also be removed prior to blasting



IRS rebuild already underway

Suspension and brakes will be upgraded
Bonnet has some bad corrosion in back edge



It has also been the victim of some crude repairs
Nose has accident and corrosion damage


I am pleased to report that we now have the restoration of your E Type underway in the CJ workshops. I hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages!

 Engine frames will be replaced
Car is partly disassembled 



 Boot floor looks new


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