The Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca
August 2004

Many thanks to roving reporters Jerry Mouton for the report and Hans Heim for the photographs!
The Historics were a blast. Brandon drove in from Carson City and we spent the day hiking around.

High points were the last race, in which 22 of the 32 to 37 Ferrari 250 GTOs ever built were entered -- and there was a few odd 250 SWB and LMB models mixed in. The most beautiful race ever held, both visually and aurally. Never be seen or heard again on this earth, I venture.

The Ferrari 2003 F1 car did several exhibition laps, and the 18,000 RPM V10 sounds like a million angry bees,

The D Type won its race, with a C Type second. The race was a beautiful swarm of Testa Rossas. Not as many
Jaguars as usual, what with all the Ferraris entered. Jason Len, for one, says his entry was not acceptred this year. Barney Juchli was there, driving a Hagemenn-Jaguar special. Hagemann is an Oakland guy who has built several specials based on the XK120 running gear. Quite beautiful, more like a late '50s Ferrari, and incredible taste and craftsmanship. No E Types ran on Saturday, though one was scheduled to run Sunday, along with the famous recently-discovered E Type lightweight from Phoenix. Quite a spectacular car.

Wonderful as always to stroll through the paddock, many unusual and usual cars there.

So many Ferraris in the corral that they seemed to take on the mantle of Chevrolets -- "Oh, just another 328 GTB, ho, hum".

Had dinner on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey. Several auctions going on on the straat as we passed, and many very special cars, including several E Types. Plenty of beauties for the well-heeled.

HIghly recommended for all. Great program, too, as always.

Jerry Mouton



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