Porsche 911 Neu (002)

Restoration log by Dan Mooney



Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

A bespoke restoration incorporating a host of performance and reliability upgrades. Creating the Porsche of our client's dreams - with zero compromise
. The 4.0L naturally aspirated engine will feature a brand new crank case, forged GT3 Cup crankshaft and custom cylinder heads and throttle bodies. The body will be back dated to provide a unique and vintage looking "wide body" 911 coupe with astounding technical capability.


Update report

Update report - August 4, 2022

Update report - May 25,2022
More stunning quality components for this engine rebuild.

pdate report - April 5, 2022
The engine build spec for this project includes a brand new crankcase, a Porsche Motorsports GT3 Cup crankshaft and very special cylinder heads. The crankcase and cylinder heads have been custom made for this very project.

Custom cylinder heads

Porsche GT3 Cup crankshaft

New crankcase in machining stage

Update report - March 1, 2022
 This extremely well preserved Porsche 964 coupe is the ideal starting point for a project such as this!

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