1974 V12 roadster
Classic Jaguar Service Department


As part of a new initiative we are going to be showing you some of the work that goes on in the CJ Workshops other than the total restorations that we are known for. In this particular case, we have been asked to perform a full cooling system upgrade, rebuild the IRS, rebuild the front suspension and brakes, fit a new stainless steel exhaust system and install a new CJ interior.

With projects such as these, although we are obviously not rebuilding the entire car, we like to think that someone could go over the finished car and identify the work that CJ has performed. We apply the high standards to these service cars as we do to our total restorations.


I am pleased to report that the interior installation is now complete and your car is back on way to you this morning!

Freshly trimmed seats installed
New canvas top and soft top boot
New custom woodrim steering
wheel finishes the job off!

With everything else completed, it is now time to turn our attention to the seats.
Console and trimmed door
panels now installed
Disassembling the original seats

More interior re-trim progress. Next week we will trim out and install the seats.


It is now time for us to tackle the interior re-trim.

Top is removed
Old interior being removed
New underfelt installed
New sill covers installed

Your brake rebuild is now complete. Time to start doing a little road testing!


As you can see, your front suspension and brake rebuild is progressing very well. The car should be back on the ground later this afternoon.


Going back together with your rebuilt front suspension....

Uprated lower balljoints
Upper balljoints also replaced
 Check back later today!
New CJ swaybar

With the IRS rebuild now complete and the new SS exhaust installed, we have turned our attention to the front suspension and brakes - both of which were in very poor condition.
IRS installed back under
your car
New SS exhaust also installed
Front suspension and brakes will
be completely rebuilt
Bushings are in very poor shape
Front brakes will be rebuilt
Front suspension after a very
thorough cleaning!
Calipers being renuilt
Polu bushings will be used
New rotors and rebuilt hibs
being assembled

As you can see, your IRS rebuild has now been completed and is being re-installed under the car as I write this. Lots of good progress this week!


With the installation of the new radiator, expansion tank and hoses now complete, we have turned our attention to the IRS. The cage and wishbones have been sent out for powder coating and the re-assembly should begin in earnest next week.

IRS removed
Rusty exhaust will be replaced
New CJ aluminium radiator
has already been installed
Original tank was rusted and leaking, so 
we installed a new aluminium CJ tank
IRS has been torn down and will
be completely overhauled
New bearings throughout
Steering wheel will be refurbished
with a custom wood rim


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