1971 Mercedes 280 SE
For Sale!

Update report - August 21, 2002

About a month into my Mercedes 280 SE experience I'm afraid I got a sudden, irresistible desire for some wind in the hair motoring. The net result was a brand spanking new, shiny black Ford Mustang GT convertible with a growling V8...and of course a sudden loss of interest in a certain 1971 Mercedes 280 SE.

On the subject of the Merc, I have had the AC fixed (sort of) and it received a thorough service, some new brake lines and a new ignition switch while in my care and control. I liked the car but the lure of the Mustang was too much to resist!

Anyone interested in taking over the Merc give me a call at CJ on (512) 288 8800 or email me. I need somewhere between 3 and 3 and a half 'long' for the car. 35 hundred would be great, although you might be able to squeeze me even further because Mustang Sally has a terrible thirst!

Look for Mustang Andy reports soon!


Mustang Andy

Update report - July 18, 2002

My father has frequently accused me of living in a time warp and my latest acquisition will not persuade him otherwise. I am slowly working my way into the modern motoring world as can be seen from my new Jam Jar, a 1971 Mercedes 280 SE, a year younger than the E Type. Given my recent experiences I currently believe that big is beautiful!

I am having to adjust to driving a car with a steering wheel the size of a bus but I hope you will agree that the Merc is a handsome car. It is tan/cream with tinted windows and has a certain gangster attraction, especially when I don my Men in Black Ray Banns. I hope you will to continue to follow my motoring adventures and I will update you regularly.

Andy Merc Head

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