1963 E Type FHC (MAW)
Body restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Restore rusty bodyshell for customer who will assemble car at home!


Update report - August 18, 2002

I am delighted to report that we have now completely finished the sheet metal work, panel fit and lead loading that was our part of the project. The frames and bonnet that you supplied have also been installed and adjusted and the tub has been given a coat of epoxy primer. It is ready for collection at your convenience!
Notice weld seams to be lead loaded
After lead loading
Lead loading welds at rear wing
Priming finished tub
Washing inner floor prior to priming
Mission accomplished!

Update report - July 28, 2002
Time to get this project turned around and delivered! As you can see, Lawrence is already well into the panel replacement process and already has the floors, inner sills and crossmember support welded into place. This body should be ready for you in about 3 weeks time.

Update report - March 12, 2002
The following photographs show the bodyshell as it was returned to us from the blasters. Clearly we have a great deal of panel replacement ahead of us!

Update report - February 19, 2002
This is another of those E Types that might be consigned to the junkyard were it not for the talents of Lawrence and Cosme in the Team CJ Coachworks. As you can see in the photographs, this is a very rusty bodyshell that basically need everything replacing from the knee down.

Whn we are finished with this car, the monocoque will be better than new.

The blaster will have fun with
all this underseal gunk
Placing body on a roll around
jig ready for the blasting process
Front of sill about to fall off
About as rusty an outer sill as 
you are likely to find
Floors will be replaced
Doors will need a lot of work, too
Awesome door trim - easily the
most horrible in my experience
Quality materials....
Yes, this really is wood...
Suspension removed
Front and rear

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